The Dak here, back from an underwater basket weaving tournament to praise the dark gods! So Vigilus ablaze is almost upon us and chaos is looking to get a ton of new rules. This new supplement will be coming with a slew of new Chaos Space Marine stuff. So,

Should I Buy Shadowspear- Nights At The Game Table

The Dak here, and today im going to break down the Shadowspear box set going up for pre-order tomorrow, and whether or not you should buy it. Looks like my dark prophesy came true, and much of what i predicted came has come to pass. You can read that

Genestealer Cult Codex Review

The Genestealer cults codex comes out today, and it’s packed with a ton of useful traits! Between powerful units, high mobility, and complex internal synergy with plenty of tricks up their sleeves, this is definitely a shining example of what a codex should be. However, it’s not perfect, and

New Series Sneak Peek: Battle Report!

Strange things are afoot in the Nights At The Game Table Studio… Over the past few months, we’ve been putting together a BRAND NEW SHOW that may be our best one yet! This show will be offered in an exclusive channel partnership that we cannot reveal the details of

Roleplaying for Wrath And Glory: Pre-Order Announcement!

Guess what’s next-in-line for pre-order? GW just announced that “Wrath and Glory”, the heavily-anticipated RPG adaptation by Ulisses North America will start its pre-sale on Friday, June 1st. This will mark the first big adventure for Wrath and Glory, and promises players the ability to experience all of the

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