What We Know About Chaos Knights: Nights At The Game Table


Buckle up Ladies and gentlemen we have some rules previews from GW for Chaos Knights! So far we have some info on two of the knight sub-factions. Iconoclasts and Infernal Households! There is also dread blades that will be previewed at a later time. The new Knight Codex (and the really awesome kits) are up for pre order this weekend, so lets take a minute to dive into some of the new rules!

Iconoclast Households 

Iconoclast households are the chaos knights that sided with Horus during the heresy, and are still clinging to a warped code of chivalry. Siding with Horus saw many of these Knight Households commit heinous warcrimes, which kind of conflicted with the code they swore to uphold. So, over time they had to change their Code Of Chivalry in order to cope with the atrocities they were committing. To make matters worse, they had to deal with the angry echoes of their ancestors in their throne mechanicum. Its like having a constantly disapproving parent… that infiltrates your mind and slowly drives you mad. Well nowadays these once proud Knights are little more than raving psychotic mass murderers. All of them driven to deeper madness by their throne mechanicum filled with the echoes of raving butchers. Not going to lie… that’s pretty metal.

Rules wise these bad boys get a special rule that allows them to get an extra attack when they charge or get charged. This is pure awesome. An extra attack on a big model like a knight is no small thing. That meant close combat Knights will come in with a whopping 6 attacks on the charge, or a total of 18 stomps. OH, and the cherry on top? You also get an EXTRA point of Ap on your close combat weapons. Enjoy your Ap -3 Stomp attacks.

You  also get some cool pre battle stratagems that can drastically alter your Knights.

Vow of Dominance makes it so you Knight cannot be wounded on rolls of 1, 2, or 3s. This will make your Knights a hell of a lot harder to kill with dedicated Anti Tank weapons. It can also make stratagems like VOTLW much less effective against you. Suck it IG Shadowsword

Now maybe your a bit more interested in smashing face, and mulching hordes. Well then the Vow of Carnage is for you! For every 10 models your Knight Kills it gets an extra attack! Even Knights with two shooting weapons can quickly snowball into nightmarish melee monsters. Just Imagine what a Knight with two Avenger Gatling cannons  can do with this one.

You also get a relic with familiar rules, the Veil of Medrengard. This awesome Relic gives your Knight a 4+ invulnerable against shooting! Just like the loyalist one.

Infernal Households

These guys went and aligned with the dark mechanicum, and have been heavily modified as a result. Having been experimented on by the dark mechanicus, the Infernal Households are closer to Daemon Engines in composition. With a great deal of pilots being fused in to their throne mechanicum. These Knights also seem to have given themselves over to the chaos gods far more extensively than even their Iconoclast Brethren. Becoming sick fusions of Flesh, Daemon, And Metal. The Infernal Knights can call upon arcane and destructive powers of the warp to bring devastation to their foes

Their Household ambition is an interesting one. Infernal knights have the option to perform a Daemonic Surge. For 1 Mortal wound you get to roll on a table and apply juts benefit for the rest of the turn, or you can take D3 and pick what you want. All of these are awesome! Picking which one you want to utilize might be the tough part

Infernal Households are also getting access to some really spicy stratagems.

Pact with the Dark gods can bring a Knight Back from death as long as it didn’t explode! Granted it only comes back with D3 wounds, but this can seriously mess up someones game plan. Plus, it can really synergize with the next stratagem to really frustrate your opponent.

Bind the souls of the defeated , lets you gain back wounds on a 4+ for every model you kill in melee. While this maxes out at gaining 6 wounds,  this can still bring a Knight back from the brink or bump your Knight up a bracket on its wound chart.

This last one is for all of you that really hate psykers. Pop this Stratagem of and any psyker within 12” of your Knights will automatically peril if they try to manifest a psychic power. This one is just kinda mean. I love it!

In conclusion

Well that wraps up what we know for now, but things are looking promising. Next time we will hopefully have more info on the Dreadblades! Which will most likely be a twisted version of the free blade knights table. Chaos Knights are coming and I couldn’t be more exited!

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