Games Workshop New Paint

New Paints From Games Workshop Announced

These new paints from Games Workshop are actually really incredible! If you’re reading this likely you fully understand how much an integral part of our hobby painting all of your miniatures is to this hobby. There’s nothing worse than wanting to play a game at your local game store,
New Chaos Space Marines Rules

New Chaos Space Marine Rules Announced

New Chaos Space Marine Rules have been announced! Praise the Dark Lords of Chaos! This is going to be a HUGE change to how this army has been A new leak has just surfaced in regards to the basic Chaos Space Marine (now ‘Legionary’) stat line! The changes are astounding

Is this Squats Return? Or is it…

Just April Fools? You be the judge. We’ve been waiting ages for the return of Squats. Could this be an actual announcement? It is April 1st after all! Tell us in the comments how badly you want this to NOT be a joke…

Why are Warhammer 40k 9th Edition prices increasing in 2022?

With rising costs on many goods and services, it should come as little surprise that Games Workshop announced price increases on many of their products via their Warhammer Community Blog. According to the 9 February post, increases will begin on 7 March. That gives us just a couple weeks
Games Workshop

Games Workshop Closes Amid Pandemic

Games Workshop is closing its stores and stopping distribution but is promising to keep updating the Warhammer Community page. It seems you don’t have to be a 40k fan to get your dose of Grim-Darkness these days. The world is grinding to a halt, and as the coronavirus spreads
Orks New

Warhammer 40k Orks Tactics | Beginner's Guide & New Rules!

Orks just got brand new rules from the new Psychic Awakening book, “Saga of the Beast” and we are going to break down all the new information and tactics for you! We will talk about all the new subkultures, stratagems and shiny gubbins in the new book! Orks New

Space Wolves: Tactics and New Rules

Space Wolves just got brand new rules from the new Psychic Awakening book, “Saga of the Beast”. Below you will find that new information and more! We will talk a little bit about who the Space Wolves are, their play style, The new rules, and end with a solid
New Rules

New Rules From Saga of the Beast | Warhammer 40k

We have the new Saga of the Beast book in our hands and we can’t wait to share some of our favorite rules from the new book. There is a lot of great stuff in this new book, and we plan to give you in-depth tactics breakdowns over the

Everything We Know About Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good – Nights At The Game Table

Well it’s the week of the release of the New Psychic Awakening Book, The Greater Good. We are going to be keeping our eyes peeled for all the new release information and updating you as it’s released. So lets dive into some of the information we have managed to

Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Tactics – Nights At The Game Table

Today on Nights at the Game Table, we are taking a deep dive into Dark Angels and all their new stuff from Ritual of the Damned. This is looking to be a great supplement, and I have also included a 2k example list in this article that is one

New Word Bearers Rules and Tactics

Today we have a special tactics article all about the new stratagems, warlord traits, and relics for Word Bearers (WB) in the new Faith and Fury supplement. We have a lot of good stuff in this book. Granted, it’s no big secret that WB have had a rough time

New Night Lords Rules And Tactics – November, 2019

Today we’re going to be looking at the new rules being given to Night Lords in the upcoming Faith and Fury release. Games Workshop was kind enough to give us a review copy, and we’re here to review everything in it to make sure you’re prepared to dominate the

Inquisition New Rules – Nights At The Game Table

That’s right ladies and gentleman, nobody expects the Imperial Inquisition. Unless of course, you have been looking forward to the new White Dwarf. Well we have a copy and we are going to share all the new info for all of you. Buckle up ladies and gents, this ones

Kingslayer: C'tan Necrons Vs. Drop Pod White Scars – Nights At The Game Table

Todays Batrep is a very special one! we have Eve’s notorious Necron bike list going up against Adam’s new and lightning fast White Scars army. The Necrons are a fierce army here at Night’s, and has been able to quash more than a few hopes and dreams of would

Warhammer AOS Warcry: What We Know- Nights At The Game Table

Warcry is finally going up on pre-order this weekend! I have been waiting a long time for this game and hoping it would be what I’ve always wanted. A kill team game for AOS, and you know what? Warcry looks to be exactly that. A game designed from the

Warhammer 40k Apocalypse Review- Nights At The Game Table

So Apocalypse is out and its time we break it down. Nights is going to give you a review of the New Apocalypse rules. This s a brand new game and one that I am really enjoying, so lets dive in! Overview Apocalypse is the mass battle system for

What We Know About Chaos Knights: Nights At The Game Table

Buckle up Ladies and gentlemen we have some rules previews from GW for Chaos Knights! So far we have some info on two of the knight sub-factions. Iconoclasts and Infernal Households! There is also dread blades that will be previewed at a later time. The new Knight Codex (and

What We Know About Apocalypse: Nights At The Game Table

Thats right its the End Times… Wait just kidding, I mean Apocalypse. Apocalypse (from here on in i”m calling it Apoc.) Is one of those game types that was always really cool to see, but rather time consuming to play. Regardless of the edition it, would often take an

Warhamer 40k Ynnari New Rules – Nights At The Game Table.

So, some big changes came to Ynnari this year. This is a faction that GW has been trying to balance for a while. First, they tried to change the points costs of shining spears and dark reapers. Whilst also putting a 3 unit per army limit on non troops.

Should I Buy The Master Of Executions: Nights At The Game Table

Hey Everybody, the Dak here today to talk about the new master of executions. We certainly seem to be getting lots of masters of this and that with the new codex. Today I’m going to do a quick overview of the new kid on the block and see just

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