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We have the new Saga of the Beast book in our hands and we can’t wait to share some of our favorite rules from the new book. There is a lot of great stuff in this new book, and we plan to give you in-depth tactics breakdowns over the next few days for both factions. So if your looking for some of the best parts of the new book keep on reading.

New Rules for Orks

  • 1Cp custom Jobs, there is no limit on how many times you can use this, so you can give a unit of your choice a custom job from the table and a lot of these are really spicy
  • Sparkly Bits custom job, you can add +1 to a unit of deff dreads, Killa Kans, or Morkanaut/ Gorkanaut’s BS. I don’t need to tell you how having a Morkanaut hit on 4’s is awesome.
  • Slug Gubbin custom job. A Gorkanaut’s deffstorm Shoota Becomes HEAVY 24! This is so awesome it seems like an auto-include in any army with one.
  • Also, the amazing Evil Suns’ psychic power, Visions in the Smoke, can let a unit within 12” re-roll hit rolls. Granted you need a total of 9 or greater to cast it on something like a Gorkanaut but if you can pull it off things get really scary really fast.
  • 1CP Da Biggest Boss, you can select a Warboss from your army and give him +1wounds and attacks, along with a 4++ save. This can give you a mini Ghazghkull in case you didn’t bring him in your army.
  • 1CP, Dreaded Death Machine, whenever a deff dread kills a model in melee it can immediately make another attack. So, exploding attacks with a deff dread are crazy good.

Ghazghkull’s New Groove

New Rules
I guess the Orks have a Primarch now too.

So, this might be the biggest thing thats come out of the new book, and mean this both literally and figurativly. Ghazghkull’s new model is truly massive and his updated rules reflect his new stature. As such, he now has a total of 12 wounds and a degraging profile. along with toughness seven a 2+ save and now has the monster keyword. However, you dont have worry about him having too many wounds to hide behind infantry, as he still gets his old 4++ save and CANT LOSE MORE THAN 4 WOUNDS A PHASE! That last part is absolutley nuts, as it means that if your not trying to throw psychic powers or fight him in melee it would take 3 whole turns to kill him. Also, remember that your opponent cant shoot what they cant see, so having hiim hide behind a battlewagon or Gorkanaut is perfectly viable.

Additionally, his offensive power has seen a boost with his meelee weapon boasting Strenght x2 AP-4 and a flat damage 4 . Meanwhile, he boasts a base streanght of 7 so he will be wounding everything in the game on 3+. Another interisting thing is that as his profile degrades his attacks increase up to a total of 7. Also, his ranged weapon is nothing to sneer at, becoming what is essentially a 12 shot heavybotler. He can now also be included in any Ork detchment without them losing thier clan Kulture. As Icing on the cake he lets nearby Goff units re-roll hit rolls of a 1 in melee.

New Rules Space Wolves

  • One big buff that Space Wolves are getting is the fact that intercessor sergeants can now take Thunderhammers.
  • 1Cp Touch of the Wild targets a character in the fight phase and turns them into a lawnmower. Whenever a Space wolves character rolls an unmodified 4+ to hit, the attack generates an additional hit. You can use this on Ragnar and watch as he rips infantry mobs in half.
  • 1CP Death Grip Bite, choose a thunder wolf cavalry unit from your army, and you can bump the damage from their teeth and claws up to Damage 2. This is really nice and makes them a really scary threat.
  • 1CP, Fury of the Champions, You get to pick a unit of terminators and add +1 to their hit rolls. As a result of this you can have a unit of terminators hitting on 2’s with thunder hammers which means they will outperform most other armies smash captains.

Ragnar Blackmane Part Two Electric Boogaloo

New Rules

While Ragnar has not seen changes as drastic as Ghazghkull’s he has nonetheless seen a huge boost to his killing power. He now comes in with a total of 10 attacks at strength 6 Ap -4 damage 2. Now as far as utility goes he lets nearby Space Wolves re-roll charges which is a nice, and he get a 4++ save to keep him safe while mulching infantry.

In Conclusion

Well, that will wrap up our overview of some of the new rules that are coming in the new book.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and we will be giving you a full breakdown of all the new rules this week. Also, if you would like to see some battle reports featuring Space Wolves or Orks click the links.

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As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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