New Paints From Games Workshop Announced


These new paints from Games Workshop are actually really incredible! If you’re reading this likely you fully understand how much an integral part of our hobby painting all of your miniatures is to this hobby. There’s nothing worse than wanting to play a game at your local game store, but you only have a half painted army.

That’s why finding paints that fit your style, and are easy to use and apply is so important. Games Workshop just released a new line of paints from Citadel Colour that should do just that: be easy to use and make your miniatures come to life!

The colors are incredible and there’s truly a ton of them! Check out all of these different options!

A Really Good Spray Paint Base Coat

In our opinion, probably the most important part of painting is getting that base coat just right. The process can be tedious if you’re doing it by hand, and in our Nights’ painting tutorials we always do it by starting with a really good coat of spray paint.

The old spray paint was known as Clorax White and let’s be honest, it wasn’t very good. And if you know anything about our articles and videos we rarely go negative, but the paint just wasn’t good. It would spray out in clumps, or come out powdery. Truth be told it wasn’t even a good white color. It’s hard to explain but it just wasn’t a good color that you wanted to put on miniatures.

The fact that GW is coming out with their best Spray White ever is really exciting. Truly, phenomenal and we can’t wait to get our hands on it and put some base coats on miniatures.

Contrast Paint With Tons of Range

Contrast is what makes your minis pop! It’s what makes the paint look realistic and not like you did it in third grade art class. It’s the shades of colors that make the largest difference in your models looking OK and “WOW THAT’S INCREDIBLE”.

We love this new line and think we’re about to see a TON of amazingly painted miniatures hitting tables.

This also goes for the shades. Now you, as you can see below, you can really tint a color and make it stand out. The paint is slightly see through, but man, when it pops it really pops!

Thoughts on this new paint lineup

This is an incredible step forward in the painting game from Games Workshop. All of these colors look REALLY good and it’s about time we got an update to the paints we’ve seen from them.

In the end, however, we’re most excited about the Spray White. If it’s as good as they say that’s going to be a game changer!

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Do you like the color range you see here?

What do you think of a new spray white?

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