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Warcry is finally going up on pre-order this weekend! I have been waiting a long time for this game and hoping it would be what I’ve always wanted. A kill team game for AOS, and you know what? Warcry looks to be exactly that. A game designed from the ground up for skirmish scale and filled with the opportunity for Campaigns and character growth. I know quite a lot of people miss Mordheim, and this game is looking to scratch that itch for some of us. Granted, this ruleset is looking like it will be very different from Mordheim, and a lot less random. However, you will still have the opportunity to make your warband truly your own. So lets look at what we know so far.

The Stater Set

This is probably the best place to begin as most of will probably start with one of these. Wow, that is a lot of stuff in the picture. So, lets break it down a little further so we don’t need to squint so hard.

You are getting two warbands in this starter set , the Iron Golems and the untamed beasts. Each is a fully fleshed out warband. Additionally you get some monsters and gribblies, these guys lurk around the battlefield and can even be added to your warband during campaigns.

You are also getting a whole slew of accessories. Your getting data cards, battleplan cards, tokens, and dice. Everything you could need to play the game, but thats not all.

You are getting a TON of really cool terrain! Also, you will of course get the rulebook.

More Stuff

Now, maybe the big boxed set isn’t your thing (seriously the boxed set is probably worth it for the terrain alone) you do have some options for getting into the game. The rule’s will be available separately for around $40. Also, you will be able to buy the faction cards for some AOS armies. These will include all the fighter cards and abilities for models from that faction that are usable in Warcry. These are the factions available so far but there will likely be more added as time goes on.

At last I have an excuse to grab some gloomspite models without having to invest into a full destruction army. Hooray me!
Plus, there will be another warband for sale at launch, the Cypher Lords.
Another thing going up for sale will be the Battleplan cards, Some MORE terrain, a carry case for minis, and a neato ruler.

This has to be one the biggest launches for a GW product that I have ever seen. Namely through just the sheer options they are giving you at the start. In fact, You don’t NEED to buy the starter set to play. You can just get the rules and cards if you already have terrain and minis.

The Rules

Now we don’t have all the info on this one at the moment but we are able to tell you a few things. for starters, here is a fighter card breakdown.

So it looks like strength and toughness is making it into Warcry, and there is no save profile which is interesting. Also, we don’t know if the attacks characteristic is the number of attacks rolled, the to hit number, or possibly both.
Additionally, Initiative is worked out a bit differently than usual. Both player roll 6 dice and whomever has the most singles has initiative. Singles being dice with values that aren’t duplicated.  for example if only one of your dice is a 5, it would count as a single.

You then take the rest of your dice and group them according to their values. Ones with ones, twos with twos and so on. These groups will become doubles, triples, and quads all of which are used to activate special abilities.
These look like they will be replacing stratagems, and will require players to make plans on the fly according to what they have on hand.

In Conclusion

I am really looking forward to this game. Games Workshop has been getting better and better with their specialist games over the years. They have clearly been taking notice of things that have worked in the past, and some of the issues that have cropped up. Also, ive been waiting for a good skirmish game set i the mortal realms and it looks like that is exactly what we are getting. Plus, this launch is huge and I really appreciate that they aren’t forcing people to buy the boxed set in order to be able to play. Having said that, I really want the boxed set.  Either way Warcry is looking very promising.
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As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.

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