Day: November 13, 2019

Inquisition New Rules – Nights At The Game Table

That’s right ladies and gentleman, nobody expects the Imperial Inquisition. Unless of course, you have been looking forward to the new White Dwarf. Well we have a copy and we are going to share all the new info for all of you. Buckle up ladies and gents, this ones

What We Know About Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury

The Aeldari have had their time to shine but now it’s the time for the Imperium and the Forces of Chaos. The next book in the Psychic Awakening series will soon be upon us. So let’s take a look at what to expect from Faith and Fury. What’s In

Aeldari vs Imperial Fists Live Stream

Hey everyone this Thursday at 2pm EST Nick Nanavati will be live streaming a game with new Aeldari from Psychic Awakening vs Brad Nichols and his Imperial Fists! The stream will be for Nights PRO members only so become a member and don’t miss it! Here are the

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