Day: July 2, 2019

What We Know About Chaos Knights: Nights At The Game Table

Buckle up Ladies and gentlemen we have some rules previews from GW for Chaos Knights! So far we have some info on two of the knight sub-factions. Iconoclasts and Infernal Households! There is also dread blades that will be previewed at a later time. The new Knight Codex (and

Nights Masters Nick Nanavati Genestealer Cult Vs. Morkanaut Orks: Nights At The Game Table

Todays battle report is a special one! we have Kevin’s Orks going up against Nick Nanavati’s Genestealer cult! We have two very choppy armies on either side that can field a lot of bodies and do a lot of damage in close combat. Will Kevin’s Orks drown Nicks GSC

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