New Chaos Space Marine Rules Announced


New Chaos Space Marine Rules have been announced! Praise the Dark Lords of Chaos! This is going to be a HUGE change to how this army has been

A new leak has just surfaced in regards to the basic Chaos Space Marine (now ‘Legionary’) stat line! The changes are astounding but the implications of what effect it could have on the rest of the upcoming book are even more intriguing.. 

Chaos Space Marine Rules vs Legionary Rules

Legionary’s gaining one wound, two attacks and an additional leadership are some major changes that really change the math and probability of their statistics. The stat up not only puts them on par with their Imperial counterparts but in some cases, even surpasses them! Being able to keep their 3rd attack in subsequent rounds of combat past the first makes the importance of having a second wound clutch to make use of their full combat potential. 

CSM Heavy Chainaxe and Daemon Blade

In addition, the new weapons previewed earlier, the heavy chain axe and daemon blade really shine with the enhanced number of attacks. Putting the axe on the unit sergeant gives you a whopping 4 attacks at strength 8, ap-4, D2. All power armor bearers should be wary of just this one weapon chopping into their defenses, being able to potentially cleave a full unit almost in half. 

The daemon sword applies mortal wounds on wound rolls of 6 to help surpass enemy invulnerable saves while still having a very decent ap-2 and D2 for their attack profile.

But with these buffs, it raises some very interesting questions:

Will the unit size remain the same at a 20 model cap?

How many weapon upgrades can we cram into one squad? 

Which is better, the axe or the daemon sword?

What implications does this have for other similar units in the new book, such as, Chaos Chosen and Possessed?

Will they get the same treatment and gain 4 attacks each?

How will these adjustments benefit from new stratagems?

If the Legionary bolter remains the same, has it become near obsolete compared to their new found close combat prowess?

With the new book on the horizon, rumored to be coming this year, only time will tell how these questions are answered and what overall power level and tier the CSM will fall under.

Special thanks as always to Games Workshop.

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