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Nick Nanavati vs Justin Cook GSC vs Tau Public Live Stream 4/18 6pm EST

Hey friends! This Thursday I’ll be busting out my pure GSC list against former NOVA Open winner, and former Team America ETC member Justin Cook! Justin will be using his Mech Tau army which he piloted to a very respectable top 16 at Adepticon just 3 weeks ago, whereas

Live Stream Nick Nanavati vs Brad Nichols- New Chaos vs GSC/Nids 4/11 1:30pm EST

Hello nerds! Tomorrow at 1:30pm EST I’ll be live streaming against Brad Nichols and his Nids/GSC. I wanted to test out some of the new Black Legion and Vigilus Ablaze combos, and I figured what better place than in Nights PRO! You can check out our lists here Brad

Beast Coast Goes to BFS Team Tournament!

This coming weekend my team, Beast Coast, will be attending the first ever North East Team Championships! I’ll be playing with the same team of 5 that brought us the gold at ATC last year, and we’ll be looking to add another notch in our Team Tournament belt. Other strong

Off to Adepticon!

Hello lads and lassies, it’s the time of year again where I bid you all ado to go to Adepticon for a week! If you find yourself over there definitely stop by and say hello! I’ll be teaching two classes on competitive 40k on Wednesday evening- one on basic

Nick Nanavati vs Chad Layton Nids/GSC vs Necrons Live Stream 3/23 10am EST

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This Saturday at 10am EST I’ll be live steaming a game with my GSC/Nid list vs Chad “The One True Necron Queen” and his Necrons! Chad’s a teammate of mine on Beast Coast, and he has been crushing it with Necrons throughout the past year.

How to Death Watch Part 2- By Michael Scott

Hey guys Mike here again with my 2nd instalment on my experience with deathwatch. Last time we looked at my list made with the regular bros and tank commanders for flavour, this time I’ve spent more time reading and have come up with a very well rounded list. Before

Nick Nanavati vs Mike Buttler Ultramarines 2.0 vs Aeldari March 20

Hey there girls and boys, this week on Nights PRO I’ll bee streaming my updated Ultrashame 2.0 list against Mike and his Eldar/dark Eldar. Mike is a very talented Aeldari player, and a fellow teammate form Beast Coast, and we always give each other very challenging games. The stream will be

Imperium and its New Sideboard!

Imperium just got a freakin sideboard. Hello Nights at the Game Table! Matt Root here. Let’s talk about the new boogey-man, the spooky dude in the closet, the new latest buff that Imperium has gotten – Assassins. For those of you who aren’t in the know, there have been

Nick Nanavati vs Amir Golpoor Custodes vs Knights Live Stream 3/12/19

Hey guys, this Tuesday (Mar 12) at 1pm EST I’ll be live streaming a game with Custodes against Amir from Golden Globe Studios and his Knights! My Custodes list is ne I’ll be playing at the request of one of my Nights PRO clients, so he can see how

What Happens When You Decide to go to a GT last minute

Hey friends, this morning I decided to last second go to a local GT happening by me at Mythicos Studios.  I actually had other plans this weekend that fell through this morning, so with only ~1/2 a day to figure out what I was playing I decided why not

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