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Nick Nanavati vs Jack Harpster Nova Invitational Prep Live Stream

Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile since we’ve had a battle report, so I’ve decided to start back up again with a bang! Today at 2pm EST I’ll be playing against my friend Jack and his boogeyman list: Knights/IG/Marines!  I’ll be using a list I’m considering for the

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure Part 1

Last week I put up a poll around various 40k internet groups, asking what kind of content you guys wanted me to discuss in my articles. Much to my surprise, the mating rituals of prehistoric Triceratops was not the winner of the day, but instead conceptual 40k won out

Pick Your Poison: A Guide to Pairings in Team Tournaments

For those of you who don’t live under a rock I’m sure you’re well aware that the ATC is this coming weekend. Over 70 teams composed of 5 players each are making the arduous voyage to Chatanooga Tenessee to compete in the 2nd largest team tournament in America. If

Premeasuring is a Measurment of Success!

There are some things every 40k player does to improve his or her game. Arguing rules on the internet with strangers and trolls for hours, spending hours in battlescribe trying to shave off those pesky last 638 points to make your list fit, and relentlessly blaming dice for why

Nick Nanavati vs Jack Harpster Tyranids vs Ad Mech/IG/Knights

Tomorrow June 28th at 3pm EST I will be playing Tyranids vs Jack Harpster on Night at the Game Table PRO. The game will be live streamed with commentary and an explanation of why each player is doing what he’s doing in real time. For more information on Nights

Nick Nanavati vs Luke Riabowl Eldar/Ynari vs Dark Eldar

This stunning mini was painted by Rodrigo Garcia Perez! To see more of his amazing work, check out his Instagram page! Hey everyone, tomorrow Ill be playing against my good friend, and GT winner Luke with his Dark Eldar! I’ll be testing my tried and true Eldar/Ynari against him.

If You Can't Beat 'Em Pin 'Em

A long time ago in a galaxy far away I wrote an article about how to trapping units in combat, but I didn’t dive into detail about what to do when you’re in that situation. Well, today I have quite the treat for you. A tactic that many top players

Mind Games: Active vs Passive Thinking

As mentioned last time, in this Mind Games article, we’re going to look at active and passive thinking and how they relate to playing of the game of 40k, or any game, particularly in a competitive setting. To begin, what is active or passive thinking? Active thinking is, basically,

Nick Nanavati vs Jim Stanley Tyranids+GSC vs Drukhari + Ynari 3pm EST

Hey everyone, in the Nights Pro members area only sections I will be live streaming a game with my slightly insane (but hopefully really good) Tyranids+GSC list vs Jim’s work in progress DE army. Jim actually purchased his list from my list doctor services recently, so let’s see how

My Toys Are Bigger Than Yours: An imperial Knight Codex Review

Hello friends, I hope you’re not sick of me yet, because I have yet another codex review for you. This time we’re talking about an army which has never really gotten proper love and attention (until now) Knights! Knights are unique in that they they are an army of

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