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Nick Nanavati vs Jack Harpster Orks vs GSC Live Stream 3/6 11am EST

Hey friends, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper publicly streamed game for you Nights guys, so I figured I’d treat you guys to a pretty awesome one! I’ll be playing my Ork list from LVO against Jack Harpster and his new GSC. You can catch the game

New Genestealer Cult vs Necrons Live Stream Feb 18 4pm EST

This Wednesday at 4pm EST I’ll be live streaming a game against Jack Harpster who will be trying out the new GSC, against my Necrons! For those of you who haven’t been following my adventures., I’ve been working on a lot of Necron ideas behind the scenes, and  I

Nick Nanavati vs Alex Harrison Matchup Recap Stream! Feb 14th 4pm EST

Hello ladies and gentleman! This past weekend I attended the Las Vegas Open, the largest 40k tournament in the history of the world. With over 700 registered players, and tons of the world’s best in attendance it was by far the hardest singles tournament I’ve every personally played in.

Nick Nanavati vs Justin Cook Orks vs Tau Live Stream!

Follow my adventures on Nights PRO as I continue my LVO prep this week. Tomorrow at 11am EST I’ll be playing Dan Mautlich and his Ynnari, with my latest and greatest final submitted Ork list. And then this Thursday at 5:30pm EST I’ll be playing former NOVA Open Champion and Team

A Triple Dose of Nights

Hey guys, Nick Nanavati here to tell you guys about some really cool upcoming content I have planned for you! Today (Jan 24) at 2pm EST we’ll be restarting my weekly Nights Tactics Videos. We took a bit of a hiatus due to the holidays, followed by some restructuring

Nick Nanavati vs Erik Trock Orks vs Custodes Live Stream 1/22/19

Hey guys, tomorrow at 1pm EST I’ll be live streaming a game between myself and fellow Beast Coast member current 24th place holder in ITC. Erik is running a really unique foot Custodes list which he just piloted to a solid 4-1 finish at The Golden Sprue GT in New

The Vigilus FAQ and Ynnari- Where Do We Go From Here?

Hey friends, as I’m sure a lot of you know there was a new FAQ that dropped yesterday which basically says that the vigilus formations for Eldar (Wraithhost and Windrider Host) can’t be used with Ynnari. This is obviously a huge set back for all those who listened to

Nick Nanavati vs Mike Butler Orks vs Ynnari Live Stream Wednesday 1/16 10am EST

Hey guys, the lap top is fixed, the traveling is done, and the streaming is back! This Wednesday on Nights PRO we’ll be featuring my Ork list from Hammer in the New Year vs Mike Butler’s latest Ynnari list! Mike was running a Ynnari wraithhost list with a lot of success

You Hit Like a Girl! -A Sisters Codex Review

Hello fellow nerd friends! Nick Nanavati here for another awesome codex review for you guys. Chapter Approved came out this past weekend with a lot of interesting changes across the board for nearly all armies. Most notably though, it also included the Sisters of Battle beta codex! Long term

Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing When You Play 40k

Hello ladies, everyone’s favorite Pro 40k player here to talk to you about some quick and easy ways to improve your game. There are tons of ways to improve in 40k, but most of them require hours under the blanket with a flashlight reading rules or warming your dice

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