How to Death Watch Part 2- By Michael Scott

Hey guys Mike here again with my 2nd instalment on my experience with deathwatch. Last time we looked at my list made with the regular bros and tank commanders for flavour, this time I’ve spent more time reading and have come up with a very well rounded list. Before we dive into this new take I just wanted to mention that even though i really like where this list design has gone Im still looking to continue innovating to get to what i eventually believe is the “optimal” DW pairings.
So to start we have a DW Bat +5cp
HQ1- Watch cap w/ thunder hammer + shield & jump pack -124
HQ2- Watch master (stock) – 130
TR1/2/3- Mixed DW vet squads each has 1x termie w/power maul+stormbolter, vanguard vet JP+chainsword, Bike w/homer, 7 x vets W/storm bolter +shields -642 for all 3(214 EA)
IG Bat +5cp (Valhallan)
HQ1- company commander (Pietrov’s Mk45)-31
HQ2-company commander (stock)-30
TR1/2- infantry squad (stock) (40 ea)
TR3- 30 conscripts (120)
EL1- astropath (Mental Fortitude) -32
Imperial knights Super Heavy +3cp (krast)
SH1/2 – Armiger Helverins (stock) -172 ea
SH3- knight crusader w/gatling gun+thermo cannon + stubber (-1cp for either Krast relic or relic gat) (ion bulwark WL trait)
SO to summarize 16cp 14 drops 1995 PTS/132PL

This has been my new list that Ive been play-testing for some upcoming GT’s here in southern Ontario, and thus far I have myself quite successful. Currently Im sitting at 5-0 with this list after playing (Prophets of flesh DE, ynari harlies+DE, knights, nids & ultramarines) 5-0 which has me feeling fairly confident with the army thus far. Compared to the list I had written about before, this one opens more doors as a “take all comers” style of play and has a better punch against anything with vehicles or titans.
To start nothing has really changed with the DW squads except for the loss of Hammers & shields for power mauls and storm bolters. This change came due to the fact I needed a few extra points in the list, combined with the fact that my general goal is to not have the vets in combat unless i need to so the need for hammers went away in place of a few more shots PLUS the termie is there to try and soak a large pile of 0AP wounds (i had one take 50+ 2up saves before dying) so i didn’t need the shield on it.

Next the guard portion has had a full overhaul. GONE are those pesky tanks just handing your opponent points and in its place are bodies for screens! As you can see the tank commanders have been removed and this is due to a few things. I realized i had more then enough shooting already thanks to the vet squads and regular guardsmen and i needed something else to spend those points on to help me deal with other vehicles. Combine that with the fact that they can easily be pinned down, tied up or simply blown away, they were to big of a liability for such an expensive model. So that lead me to this. I decided to go with valhalan regiment due to its stock trait + the relic you can take on the company commander. For those who don’t know essentially the trait you get says take HALF casualties from morale tests, and the relic says units within 6″ only lose 1 model to the affects of morale. These are two great abilities to have access to when trying to have a bit more survivable screen, not to mention that the astropath is also hanging around in order to cast the mental fortitude on any of these units to just not suffer the effect or morale in general. The conscript blob can also fill the roll of lots of dakka to deal with random screens that your opponent has, although shots at s3 hitting on 5s kinda sucks giving them the re roll 1s order or first rank fire 2nd rank fire can really dish out some damage due to volume, even 120 S3 5+ shots can take things down.

Lastly we have the knight portion. For this is what really defines the new list, having these 3 knights allows me to not worry if my opponent also shows up with a knight or magnus or anything big/vehicles that the rest of my army would struggle to deal with. So to make this even easier for myself I have chosen to make these guys house Krast to have the option to take the crazy house relic. ” The knight who kills knights real good” aka the house krast crusader. This monster provides me an excellent way to handle other knights due to its weapons+ the optional relics. It comes with the 12 shot gatling gun which can be upgraded to the relic gun which gives you +2 shots (14 total) plus the ability to gain an additional hit on rolls of 6, it also comes with the thermal cannon (crazy big melta) a heavy flamer & heavy stubber. The house krast relic is what really gives this guy some killing power as it gives all your weapons increased damage stats, for models with 10+ wounds add 1 to all the damage stats of the knights weapons, for models with 20+ wounds add 2 to the damage stat. So against knights you now have a 12 shot 4 dmg gatling gun, a flamer that can dish out 3dmg plus the big boom stick that will now do D6+2 dmg. Then we have the 2 Helverins which also do help a lot with getting rid of tough models or vehicles from a super far range and a mobile and small enough to hide which are some great bonuses for the unit choice.

Overall I am very pleased at the direction that I have gone for as now the army really feels balanced and pre pared to tackle anything. It can deal with hordes with volume of fire plus the big toys thanks to the knights. That being said I am still in the process of testing out other variations of unit/book choices to pair with the watch so stay tuned as we are going to dive into Dark angels, black templars and admech versions in the near future.
As always thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or message me/the team if you’ve got any questions.
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Cheers -Mike

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