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Ultramarines OP?

Ok, well the title may be a bit misleading. But anyways, last week I read an article about how Reece’s Ultramarine army worked, and it inspired me to try to my own hand at it. I played a game and streamed it for my Nights PRO clients where I ended up

Nights PRO Live Stream Space Marines vs Imperial Soup 9/23/18

Hey guys, tomorrow (Sunday) at 4pm EST I’ll be playing a home brew Space Marine list which was a bit inspired by Reece and his NOVA list. In my opinion, mine is a more well rounded version, though Reece has way more reps under his belt with it than me,

Nick Nanavati vs Colin Sherman Necrons vs Tyranids Live Stream 7:30pm EST

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today at 7:30pm EST I’ll be playing against a good friend of mine, and one of my own personal clients Colin Sherman! Colin has been working with me on perfecting his Tyranid list and honing his skills with it for a few months now, so

Target Saturation or Target Practice?

It’s a lovely day here in New Jersey, thunderstorms and overcasts about, which makes it a perfect day for your weekly dose of 40k. In today’s 40k life lesson I’m going to cover a topic which I think a lot of people are familiar with, but very few people

Back From NOVA Part 1

Well ladies and gents, I’m finally back from NOVA! What an amazing weekend of friends, and non stop 40k. There’s truly no other convention like it. I’d also like to say that this was the most well run NOVA I’ve been to, and I’ve been to 8 of them.

Off to the NOVA Open

Hello lads and lasses, today I shall be off on my annual voyage to the far south, D.C. What might I be doing down there you might inquire? Well, I’ll be playing in the NOVA Open of course. NOVA is one of the largest wargaming cons in the world and

Who Let the Dogs Out? A Space Wolf Codex Review

Hello ladies, it’s your favorite Nights at the Game Table writer here to talk to you about the new Space Wolves and what they have to offer! One of the tough things for Games Workshop to get right when designing codices is to make sure to give Space Marines,

Double dose of Live Stream Action DE/Ynari vs Tau and DE/Ynari vs Nids/GSC

The NOVA Open is next week, which means tons of last minute building, painting, and practicing to be had by all. This weekend I’m having some good friends and competitors come over for some quality NOVA testing. Brad Nichols and Dallas Tubby are both competing in The NOVA Invitational

Wargamescon Ahoy!

Hey everyone, this weekend I’m in Texas this weekend playing at Wargamescon! This is actually my first time ever attending this event, and I’ve only been graced by the opportunity thanks to Grimdark Games who is sponsoring me to attend! If you’re in Austin this weekend or attending the con

If You Can't Beat 'Em Ignore 'Em

40k is game with hundreds of different units, and literally infinite interactions, so needless to say sometimes you’re going to run into a unit or combination which your army cannot handle. But, that doesn’t mean you necessarily just lose to those types of units. Just because you can’t kill

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