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Nick Nanavati vs Colim Sherman Orks vs Ynari Live Stream!

Hey everyone, this Wednesday (11/14) I’ll be live streaming a game with Orks against Colin Sherman from the Best in Faction podcast and his ynari. Colin has been one of my coaching clients for months now, and has really grown tremendously as a player- winning 3 GT’s in the

Nick Nanavati vs Adam Abramowicz Warzone Atlanta Live Stream

Hey guys, Adam Abramowicz from The Best General podcast and The Army Painter and I will be live streaming a game this Friday at 8pm EST from Warzone Atlanta (WZA). Adam has been one of my coaching clients for a few months now and I’ve been helping him develop

Da Orks Gots New Toyz: Ork codex Review

Hey you little gitz I’m here to tell you about Orks! This past weekend on November third GW released Orks! And I was worried they weren’t going to release it during Orktober as promised… It’s ok though, this codex is probably up there with Dark Eldar and Harlequins as

First is the Worst, Second is the Best

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Nick Nanavati here again to talk about a topic very rarely discussed but very important to competitive 40k. When you should choose to go second in competitive 40k. More and more often I find myself choosing to go second when given the opportunity. Going second

Nick Nanavati vs John Parsons live steam Nids vs Marines! 10/27/18 3pm EST

Tomorrow, Saturday October 27th at 3pm I’ll be taking out my new Tyranid army for a test drive against my buddy John and his Space Marines. John and I have been collaborating on Space Marine ideas for a few weeks now, and he’s been working on running a list

Nick Nanavati vs Mike Butler Space Marines vs Aeldari live stream!

It’s time to bust out the good old Ultrashame again! This time featuring less ultra, but more shame! After attending Battle for Salvation and learning from my mistakes I want to try my hand at Ultramarines again to see what I can pull out. I’ll be playing against my

Nick Nanavati vs Jim Stanley Custodes vs DE/Eldar/Harlies Live Stream

Join us Tuesday October 16th at 4:30pm EST to watch me play Custodes against Jim’s Dark Eldar Harlies and Eldar. This will be a private stream for my Nights PRO members only. Nights PRO is my personal coaching program for 40k. If you’re interested in upping your game, I

The Ways to Make Marines Work

Hello friends, I hope you all had a weekend as spectacular as I did! Why was mine so spectacular you might ask? Well, because I went to Battle for Salvation,  an 80 person major GT this past weekend, and had a great time. Not only was the tournament awesome and

Top 3 Army Styles for ITC

Hey everyone, awhile ago I wrote an article on my 7 step process for winning GTS, where I covered the exact process I use to personally win GT’s. What I didn’t do in that article is break down what it means to design your army for the mission. When I

Nick Nanavati vs Brad Nichols- Ultramarines vs Tau Live Stream

Hey everyone, I’ll be live streaming a game tomorrow (Tuesday Oct 2nd) at 3:30pm EST. As per all my streams there will be ongoing commentary with in depth explanations of the tactics and decisions made by each player. The stream will be private for my Nights PRO coaching clients

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