Day: March 18, 2019

Nights At The Game Table Battle Report Army Lists: Zarakynel Slaanesh Daemons vs. Dark Angels Deathwing (ft. Deathwing Knights!)

This week on Nights At The Game Table, we’ve got a father vs. son showdown this week as Adam and Ollie face off in another epic battle! Adam is bringing a Slaanesh daemon army filled with some of the most grotesque abominations that Chaos has to offer, and he’ll

Nick Nanavati vs Mike Buttler Ultramarines 2.0 vs Aeldari March 20

Hey there girls and boys, this week on Nights PRO I’ll bee streaming my updated Ultrashame 2.0 list against Mike and his Eldar/dark Eldar. Mike is a very talented Aeldari player, and a fellow teammate form Beast Coast, and we always give each other very challenging games. The stream will be

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