Nick Nanavati vs Amir Golpoor Custodes vs Knights Live Stream 3/12/19


Hey guys, this Tuesday (Mar 12) at 1pm EST I’ll be live streaming a game with Custodes against Amir from Golden Globe Studios and his Knights! My Custodes list is ne I’ll be playing at the request of one of my Nights PRO clients, so he can see how I’d pilot it against a traditionally difficult match up. To watch the game, and access the dozens of other competitive streamed games you can check out Nights PRO lite
Here are the lists we’ll be using!

Nick Nanavati Amir Golpoor
Custodes Outrider Cadian Battalion
Shield Captain on bike 160 Company Commander- boltgun 30
5 Bikes 450 Company Commander- boltgun 30
5 Bikes 450 10 Infantry- mortar 45
3 Bikes 270 10 Infantry- mortar 45
5 Aquilons 390 10 Infantry- bolter on sergeant 41
Vexilus- magnifica, misercordia 122 3 Mortars 33
3 Mortars 33
Stygies Battalion 3 Mortars 33
Engineer 30
Engineer 30 Raven Super Heavy Aux
5 Rangers 35 Castellan 604
5 Rangers 35
5 Rangers 35 Taranis super Heavy Detachment
Gallant- ironstorm 368
Gallant- ironstorm 368
Gallant- ironstorm 368

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