Day: March 11, 2019

Nights At The Game Table Battle Report Army Lists: Necrons vs. Aeldari (ft. The Solitare!)

Two of NATGT’s most popular players are facing off this week, and they couldn’t have brought a scarier set of armies to throw down with! On one side, we have Kevin and his terrifying colort of Aeldari forces, combining the most horrific sides of the Craftworlds and Harlequins that

Nick Nanavati vs Amir Golpoor Custodes vs Knights Live Stream 3/12/19

Hey guys, this Tuesday (Mar 12) at 1pm EST I’ll be live streaming a game with Custodes against Amir from Golden Globe Studios and his Knights! My Custodes list is ne I’ll be playing at the request of one of my Nights PRO clients, so he can see how

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