What Happens When You Decide to go to a GT last minute


Hey friends, this morning I decided to last second go to a local GT happening by me at Mythicos Studios.  I actually had other plans this weekend that fell through this morning, so with only ~1/2 a day to figure out what I was playing I decided why not let my lovely Nights PRO clients decide what I play

So, my patrons have spoken. The challenge has been issued. And I had to go down into the dungeon and find something, and let the brown magic flow. I know some top talent will be going to this GT, big names like Erik Trock, Jack Harpster, Sam Lucidi, and Dallas Tubby will all be there, so this GT definitely won’t be a cake walk! With that said, here’s the beautiful basement baby I made.

Nick Nanavati
Daemon Patrol
Poxbringer 70
3 Nurglings 54
CSM Battalion
Sorcerer- <slanesh> <Night lords> force staff 98
Sorcerer- <tzeentch> <Night Lords> force staff 98
5 Khorne Berzerkers- <world eater> 5 axes 5 swords 85
5 Khorne Berzerkers- <world eater> 5 axes 5 swords 85
8 Khorne Berzerkers- <world eater> 8 axes 8 swords 136
9 Bikes- 2 combi bolters, champ with combi bolter <slanesh> <black legion> 213
Rhino- 2 combi bolter <world eaters> 74
Rhino- 2 combi bolter <world eaters> 74
Death Guard Battalion
Typhus 175
Chaos Lord- Jump Pack, Power Sword (WL) (plague bringer) 97
20 Pox Walkers 120
20 Pox Walkers 120
10 Cultists 50
19 Possessed 380
Reinforcement points 71

Now this greatness is simply too good to not record, so tomorrow I’ll be doing a whole bunch of facebook live on Nights PRO lite. Become a member, learn 40k, watch me win a GT with possessed and khorne berzerkers, and then maybe one day you to can become a PRO!

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