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Craftworld Eldar Tactics

Eldar Tactics: The Next Step Up

So you want to play your friends at 2,000 points? Well Nights at the Game Table provides with a 2,000 point lists. In addition to the Eldar Codex, rules from Phoenix Rising will also be used in this list. The original list was found in Eldar Tactics a Beginner’s
Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics

Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics Intermediate

We learned who the Adeptus Mechanicus are in the Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics Beginner’s Guide, . The first list balanced strong shooting and the defensive buff from Stygies VII. For the next thousand points, we will add key units and not use Forgeworld Models. Psychic Awakening Machine War promises more
Custodes Shield Host Tactics

Custodes Tactics: The Next Step Up

The Golden Boys are moving up to 2,000 points for our intermediate guide.  However, we are avoiding Forge World models at the moment and sticking with pure Games Workshop single faction Custodes for our Custodes Tactics. In the Custodes Tactics Beginner’s Guide, the 1,000 point list a strong viable

This will help with Hobby Burnout

Now and then, it happens, the dreaded “hobby burnout.” An ennui that sets in and things can get Grim for your hobby. Hobby burnout can center around different areas of the hobby. Playing and painting are the big ones but it can include building. In my garage, there are
Terminate Necrons

How to Terminate Necrons

Today we are joined with Eulis Sanders. He ended the last ITC season as the number 1 Necron player. He currently holds the Make Necrons Great Again Hat. I interviewed him on how to Terminate Necrons as they can be a hard army for some to beat. I know
#1 Salamanders

How to Burn the Competition with Salamander Tactics

I am the Lord of Fire.  That is to say that I am the number 1 ranked Salamanders player in the ITC. This is David with Nights at the Game Table and yes, I am the Lord of Fire. I can attribute this to key Salamander Tactics. The goal
Competitive 40k and Social Distancing

What Social Distancing means for Competitive 40k

Social Distancing and Competitive 40k are not exclusive. While one can be not so distant in their social distancing and go out and continue to play, others may take a different approach when attempting to avoid Nurgle’s Blessings. Here’s what you can do to keep your hobby up and
Tyranid Tactics

Tyranid Tactics: Beginners Guide

Getting started with Tyranids Today we are talking about Tyranid tactics! If you’re interested in starting a Tyranid army you will learn everything you need to know below! We will talk a little bit about who the Tyranids are, what their play style entails and end with a solid
Terminate Necrons

How this Necron Player Will Make Necrons Great Again

This is David with Nights at the Game Table in part 2 of our interview with Antonio Cedeño. For a Necron player to beat the Imperium there is more to it than go first and roll better… but that helps quite a bit. Deno is the number 1 Necron
Make Necrons Great Again

This guy knows how to Make Necrons Great Again!

Throughout the United States at various tournaments was a player wearing a black hat and bright green lettering: “Make Necrons Great Again”. Antonio Cedeño better known as Deno ended the 2019 ITC season as the number 2 player of Necrons in Competitive 40k in the world. With 4 events

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