Nick Nanavati vs Colin Sherman Necrons vs Tyranids Live Stream 7:30pm EST


Hello ladies and gentlemen, today at 7:30pm EST I’ll be playing against a good friend of mine, and one of my own personal clients Colin Sherman! Colin has been working with me on perfecting his Tyranid list and honing his skills with it for a few months now, so it’ll be a great opportunity to see how he’s progressed since the last time we played. He also went to the NOVA Open and finished with an awesome record of 6-2, and winning his bracket!
You can catch the stream on Nights at the Game Table’s facebook page, today, Wedneday September 19th at 7:30pm EST
Here are the lists we will be using too!

Nick Nanavati Colin Sherman
Necrons Tyranids/GSC/Guard
Suatekh Battalion Kraken Battalion
Zandrekh (WL) 180 Flyrant- quad devourers, wings 218
Cryptek- chronometron, staff of light (Veil) 95 Neurothope 70
5 Immortals- tesla 85 Swarmlord 300
5 Immortals- tesla 85 20 Genestealers- 5 acid maws 240
10 Immortals- tesla 170 20 Genestealers- 5 acid maws 240
10 Lychguard- hyperphase swords, dispersion shields 340 29 Hormigaunts 145
20 Hormigaunts 100
Mixed Outrider 5 Hive Guard 240
Destroyer Lord- War Scythe, Res Orb <sautekh> 156 3 Venomthropes 90
Obyron 140
9 Scarabs <Nephrek> 117 GSC Battalion
6 Destroyers <Sautekh> 300 Magus 73
6 Wraiths <Nihlakh> 330 Magus 73
18 Neophytes 90
10 Neophytes 50
10 Neoohytes 50
Astra Militarum Aux
Commisar (WL) 20

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