Day: August 28, 2018

Kill Team Tactics – Matched Play Tactics Analysis

Kill Teams is fresh off the press, and it’s quite an awesome game. It follows a similar ruleset to 40K, while having just enough differences to truly make it feel like it is its own game, and not just “40K with very few models”. To help you get the

Impending Sign Of Chaos In This Week’s Rumor Engine

This week’s Rumor Engine needs no further guessing. At first glance, we can easily tell what is it, or can we? Here’s a closer look at Games Workshop’s sneak peak for the week. Apparently, the close thing that we could easily associate this object with is the Chaos icon,

Who Let the Dogs Out? A Space Wolf Codex Review

Hello ladies, it’s your favorite Nights at the Game Table writer here to talk to you about the new Space Wolves and what they have to offer! One of the tough things for Games Workshop to get right when designing codices is to make sure to give Space Marines,

Mind Games: Playing Against an Archon

Last week we continued our current mini-series, wherein we are looking at playing into our opponents’ weaknesses based on their preferred playstyle. To begin, if you haven’t already, read back to the first article Mind Games article, where we broke down the four playstyles and some of their characteristics.

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