Day: August 23, 2018

Battle Report: Ultramarines vs. T'au featuring Miniwargaming!

It’s a channel vs. channel showdown this week at Nights At The Game Table! Our esteemed leader, Adam Lyons, is bringing his Ultramarines to take on Quirk from Miniwargaming and his army of T’au! We’ll be settling the answer to the age-old 40K question once and for all: For

Double dose of Live Stream Action DE/Ynari vs Tau and DE/Ynari vs Nids/GSC

The NOVA Open is next week, which means tons of last minute building, painting, and practicing to be had by all. This weekend I’m having some good friends and competitors come over for some quality NOVA testing. Brad Nichols and Dallas Tubby are both competing in The NOVA Invitational

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