Ultramarines OP?


Ok, well the title may be a bit misleading. But anyways, last week I read an article about how Reece’s Ultramarine army worked, and it inspired me to try to my own hand at it. I played a game and streamed it for my Nights PRO clients where I ended up claiming victory over the ever-dreaded IG+Knight list. However, for better or worse, that just made me more thirsty for the power of the Ultrasmurf. I started reaching out to some team members for input on my Ultramarine list, and before long I was eager to try it out.
And that’s when it happened. My friend, and fellow ETC teammate called me out. “Just play Ultramarines at BFS” he said. And then the wheels started turning.
Battle For Salvation (BFS) is an awesome tournament run by a great group of guys in New York. It’s a ~90 person major with some really stiff competition, including (but not limited to) 6 Team America ETC players this year. So, with 10 days to go before the tournament, and exactly 1 test game with my list, I decided to make some calls, promise some “g-rated favors”, and borrow hammer an entire Ultramarine army for the upcoming event.
I’ll be doing live streaming throughout the event onto the Nights at the Game Table Facebook Page, about how the event is going, and how I’m overall. So, definitely check that out and follow that if you’re interested in watching me make a total foo of myself while trying to win a Major GT with Ultramarines.
Barring any potential changes I see fit to make before now and next week, and the potential of a looming FAQ, here’s the list I’ll be using!
Ultrmarine Battalion
Librarian- force sword 98
Telion 75
5 Scouts- snipers 75
5 Scouts- snipers 75
5 Scouts 55
Primaris Ancient 69
5 Vets- 5 storm bolters, 4 storm shields, 1 chain sword 110
5 Vets- 4 storm bolters, 4 storm shields, 1 chain sword, 1 bolter 108
3 Scout Bikes- Storm Bolter on serg 77
3 Scout Bikes- Storm Bolter on serg 77
3 Scout Bikes- Storm Bolter on serg 77
5 Devestaters- 2 heavy bolters, 1 missile, cherub 115
Assassin Vanguard
Cullexus 85
Cullexus 85
Cullexus 85
Supreme Command
Gulliman 400
Captain- Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield (UM) 129
Primaris Rune Priest- runic sword 103
Dark Angel Primaris Libby- Force Sword 101

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