What Social Distancing means for Competitive 40k


Social Distancing and Competitive 40k are not exclusive. While one can be not so distant in their social distancing and go out and continue to play, others may take a different approach when attempting to avoid Nurgle’s Blessings. Here’s what you can do to keep your hobby up and stay tournament-ready especially when large Gatherings aren’t recommended.

Competitive 40k and Social Distancing
Or burn the Heretic and kill Xenos from a distance.

For those practicing Risk Management rather than Risk Avoidance:

Examples of Risk Management include keeping your dice to yourselves and not going about licking each other models. Take the time to clean your dice. Practice healthy habits that are good to have regardless of Corona.

Join a league. Leagues can be scored for ITC points. Leagues will take place over a longer timespan but tend to have less stringent rules compared to a Tournament. Such as slow grow leagues or leagues where you can change your list from game to game. One useful option is how some leagues may allow for games to play at home.

Attend a Small RTT. 4 people is enough for a round-robin tournament where each player will play the other 3 attendees. 8 players is enough for a 3 round single undefeated player. Your tournament organizer can go with a single-elimination style tournament. As players lose their games, they are sent on their way to limit further exposure.

For Social Distantancing

Read your Warhammer 40k rules while you’re Social Distancing. Gather the FAQs and Erratas and make sure you are up to date on not just your Codex rules but Codex Supplements, and The Big Rule Book. Are there models from other games that can be used for your Army? Check their rules out maybe Gotfret de Montbard is what your Tempestus Scions Army needs. He isn’t. The best way to win is to know your army. It helps when you have mathematically efficient units but if you don’t know how to play your army don’t be surprised when a “Bad” army like Necrons pulls out the win against you. Take this time to organize these FAQs and Errata. And double-check your point cost.

List building is part of the hobby. You can use Theory and Math Hammer to consider your options. Some of this will be just for fun. 6 Land Speeder Storms each loaded with a Scout Squad equipped with Boltguns and a Missile launcher. How would I make that work? In what format do I have a chance? Master Artisan and Stealthy or play them As Salamanders?

Somebody stop me, its a terrible Idea… 18” move…No.

Be careful not to go too far down that rabbit hole. I could use two Deredeos with the shield generators to keep the Land Speeder Storms “safe” turn 1 if I can’t hide them out of line of sight. With my 18” movement I could land them high enough to be safe from charges. Hmm, if I am trying to keep them distant, scout snipers will be the way to go. I’ll need another 48 points. With 6 troop squads that could be two battalions to start at 13 command points. The relic rule means I’ll need two more elites so I could get away with servitors.

Build your minis. These Minis can be sitting on your table or hidden in the closet forgotten by you but they lay there waiting on your hands. I like the idea of triple Impulsors rushing up the field to drop off Intercessors with Thunder hammers but until I sit down and build that 3rd impulsor model, that won’t happen.

Competitive 40k and Social Distancing
My build queue. If they could ride Impulrors

Paint your minis. Imagine missing out on Best Overall Placings because your minis are just gray plastic or primed. Try your hand at eyes for those models that our perpetually blinking because you couldn’t find a helmet for them or the head with sunglasses. This will keep you busy with Competitive 40k during Social Distancing.

Remember rule #1, have fun.

Be a part of the community. Argue the rules with your friends, share lists with strangers on social media. Someone may point out the flaw in your world domination plans. Or help you plot.

Learn the rules of your potential opponents. This can be harder to do without access to the rules. Read part 1 of the Interview with Antonio Cedeño as he reviewed Necron units from a Competitive 40k view. You can watch battle reports but they may not get a chance to use all the stratagems or think of the silly way you plan to.

Do Your Research

Pull up the different Tactics articles. Read the comments telling the authors of articles or players in battle reports why they are wrong. Read the comments telling the commenter why he is wrong. Re-read the rules yourself to make sure you understand the argument. The dedicated people working on BattleScribe can help you to review units.

Tabletop Simulator has mods to play 40k. Okay, Okay, I know, I know, its not the same thing as actually throwing dice. That’s why it’s called a simulator but it does avoid the physical interactions currently frowned upon.

Stay Healthy, this to shall pass and Wargaming will resume. The Dak also shares tips about Warhammer 40k and Corona here.

This is how you get a free army list designed for you!

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As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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