Eldar Tactics: The Next Step Up


So you want to play your friends at 2,000 points? Well Nights at the Game Table provides with a 2,000 point lists. In addition to the Eldar Codex, rules from Phoenix Rising will also be used in this list. The original list was found in Eldar Tactics a Beginner’s Guide and will be built upon with minor changes. We are steering clear of Forgeworld units at this time.

Now, we did say play with your friends; therefore, only 3 flyers were used for the expanded list. Coupled with Fieldcraft from Alaitoc, the -2 to hit can be difficult for some armies. Of course, if your opponents are playing Space Marines, don’t feel bad for them. Previously the Crimson Hunter Exarch was in the original battalion but has joined two other flyers in an Airwing Detachment to gain a Command point. A second battalion was added to take advantage of various Exemplar Stratagems for the Exarchs in our list.

Craftworld Eldar Tactics

Alaitoc Battalion Detachment 807 Points

  • Farseer
  • Warlock
  • 3x Rangers x5
  • Dark Reapers Dark Reaper x9 & Exarch w/ Tempest Launcher
  • Wave Serpent w/ Vectored Engines, Shuriken Cannon & Twin Shuriken Cannon

Alaitoc Battalion Detachment 602 Points

  • Farseer Skyrunner w/ Singing Spear
  • Warlock
  • 3x Rangers x5
  • Shining Spears x7 & Exarch

Alaitoc Air Wing Detachment 590 points

  • 2x Crimson Hunter Exarch w/ Two Bright Lances
  • Hemlock Wraithfighter

Defensive Eldar Tactics in this army beyond the negatives to hit could be the use of your reserves. If you are going second there is no point in just letting your Shining Spears be shot off the board before you can get the additional defensive buffs off. So consider putting them in reserve possibly with the Farseer Skyrunner. This way if he drops down with them he can cast Ghost walk on them for +2 to their charge. At a cost of 3 command points to place both in units in reserve, it can be pricey.

Who to buff?

Fortune can be used for a 5+++ feel no pain. The Shining Spears have more wounds than the Dark Reapers and can be the better target for this ability. For instance, versus damage 2 weapons the Dark Reapers will more than likely still die but the Shining Spears may live causing your opponent to waste damage on the same model. The first Warlock can conceal the Dark Reapers for another -1 to hit modifier. The best defense for the dark reapers would be not standing in front of your opponent’s guns and just Fire and Fade out of the line of sight. If they lack significant indirect fire consider a second offensive power. However, the Protect power to increase the saves of units would work on the invulnerable save of the Shining Spears. Moreover, the shining spear Exarch could have up to a 2++ invulnerable save with that.

Eldar Tactics for Punching

The offensive Eldar Tactics of this army can be brutal with both a range, psychic and melee threat. Especially after you stack the buffs. For Instance, the Hemlock Wraithfighter can be used to cast Jinx on units that are particularly far away to reduce their saves. Additionally, Psykers were added to make more use of their powers. Doom will work for your entire army when shooting at the target unit and is assigned to the Farseer Skyrunner. Mind War will work well if targeting a character near the Hemlock for psychic sniping. The Farseer on foot will buff the Dark Reapers with Guide to re-roll hit rolls for them. Additionally, the extra Warlock can Quicken the Shining Spears to move again.

The first Warlock if not buffing the Dark Reapers could instead take the Empower psychic power for the Shining Spears. This will give a +1 to wound for the Shining Spears in melee. If the Shining Spears are already wounding on a 2+ feel free to use the reverse power Ennervate to protect them.

“Treadhead” Eldar Tactics

Craftworld Eldar Tactics
Treadheads don’t need treads

Are you the proverbial “Treadhead”? Sure they are floating tanks versus actual treads but if you prefer the Eldar tanks over actual Flyers, we have a second list. We went the choose your own adventure route for the Craftworld Attributes. These rules were discussed with the preview to Phoenix Rising here. Fieldcraft from Alaitoc was kept from the original battalion.

Alaitoc Battalion Detachment 997 Points

  • Farseer
  • Warlock
  • 3x Rangers x5
  • Dark Reapers Dark Reaper x9 & Exarch w/ Tempest Launcher
  • Wave Serpent w/ Vectored Engines, Shuriken Cannon & Twin Shuriken Cannon
  • Crimson Hunter Exarch w/ Two Bright Lances

Masters of Concealment, Masterful Shots Spearhead 441

  • Autarch Skyrunner Laser Lance
  • 3x Night Spinner w/ Twin Shuriken Catapult

Masters of Concealment, Masterful Shots Spearhead 558

  • Farseer Skyrunner w/ Witchblade
  • 3x Fire Prisms w/ Twin Shuriken Catapult

For our “Treadhead” Eldar Tactics, Students of Vaul at most will gain you 7 wounds if your opponent continually fails to kill your vehicles. Since that is unlikely to happen we went with Masters of Concealment to count as in cover. If your meta has a lot of Ignores cover options with high AP, there is the option for a 6++ invulnerable save. Masterful Shots allows your models in the Spearheads to ignore cover. This is especially important for the Night Spinners as their indirect targets will often be in cover themselves. Because of the volume of shots, the 3 Night Spinners can put out, an Autarch was added for rerolls of 1’s to hit.

Expert crafters would allow for 1 re-roll to hit and 1 re-roll to wound per unit. However, that would cost one of the chosen attributes and that ability is wasted on the Fire Prisms using the Link Fire stratagem. Cloudstrike can be used to place some of your vehicles in reserve. Careful on doing that with the Fire Prisms as they will count as having moved their full distance the turn they arrive. Therefore, they won’t be able to double shot.

Stepping into Competitive ITC

Playing this list in ITC, you will give up Big Game Hunter as well as Marked for Death. However, you have a very fast Postman in the Autarch. With the strong shooting getting your kills in should be fairly doable. The other Maneuver secondaries may be harder to pull off with the reduced number of units in this army. If you’re facing a gun line with that prefers to stay in its deployment zone consider Recon. With the rangers dropping in and the speed of your units, getting double recon points turn 2 is an option.

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Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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