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Rumor Engine: The Mech Back Pack

Another week, another round of Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. What do you think this is? If you ask us, we see gauges of some sort on a machine-like object. When it comes to Machines in the Warhammer universe, our only contenders could only be the Adeptus Mechanicus and

Rumor Engine: Plates And Armor

Another week comes another round of Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. This time, we got another stumper from GW. While we aren’t exactly sure what it is, the image somewhat resembles an armored plate because of the rivets/studs in the bit. It looks like either leather folds or steel

Rumor Engine: Robe, Belt, And Buckle

Another week another, another peek into the future by Games Workshop.  This week’s teaser is without a doubt a belt of some sort. The real question is, who’s in that robe and buckle? Since there aren’t any wrong answers for this guessing game (as long as we stick to

Rumor Engine: Locked And Loaded!

A brand new week means a new round of rumor engine has come our way!  This week, the image that Games Workshop just dropped is quite difficult to comprehend. It’s quite hard to be completely certain with what it is, but we got two guesses that somehow makes sense.

Rumor Engine: Weapon Of Savagery

In this week’s Rumor Engine, we are highly certain what it is. While it’s easy to determine what piece of object Games Workshop has thrown us this week, the real question is, who or where is it from? At first glance, there is no doubt that it’s a spear

Rumor Engine: Fire In The Hole!

A brand new week calls for a brand new teaser from Games Workshop. We got new hints for the Rumor Engine dropping and ready to explode! At first look, it’s easy to tell that this week’s teaser is an object that emits a smoke! While it could be something

Impending Sign Of Chaos In This Week’s Rumor Engine

This week’s Rumor Engine needs no further guessing. At first glance, we can easily tell what is it, or can we? Here’s a closer look at Games Workshop’s sneak peak for the week. Apparently, the close thing that we could easily associate this object with is the Chaos icon,

Rumor Engine: On A "Scale" Of One To Tyranids

Seems like Games Workshop has gotten more clever in dropping hints on Rumor Engine. Their previews for the past weeks seem to show the same pattern as this week’s.  While that doesn’t leave us with sufficient information to be conclusive, it does give our educated guesses more credence. With

This Week's Rumor Engine Brings Us An Unpleasant Sight

A brand new week calls for a brand new Rumor Engine! What we have this time around may make your skin crawl. So brace yourself, it’s going to be an unpleasant sight!   Whether this one is inspired by aliens or the animal kingdom, surely it isn’t really something

The Tale Of The Mysterious Tail In This Week's Rumor Engine

Once again, it’s time for another Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. This week, we are left with what seems like a two-segment tail. While we’re not entirely sure, it does resemble an alien-like- creature’s hindmost part. Or, it could be a whip made up of scales or an armored

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