Rumor Engine: Robe, Belt, And Buckle


Another week another, another peek into the future by Games Workshop.  This week’s teaser is without a doubt a belt of some sort. The real question is, who’s in that robe and buckle?

Since there aren’t any wrong answers for this guessing game (as long as we stick to the belt and robe), here are two candidates where this robe might fit.

Imperial Inquisitor

Games Workshop has been ramping up their Kill Team’s lineup recently, and this might be on of those new models to join the fray. Also, the pattern of the robe and belt closely resembles that of an Imperial Inquisitor.

Fans have also been asking a lot for a Kill Team Inquisitor and Games Workshop seems to be responding to that demand as they’ve hinted it quite a lot in the past months. If this is indeed an Inquisitor for the 40K universe, it will surely be a welcomed treat.

Wizard from the Middle Earth

It wasn’t that long ago when Games Workshop released a new line up for their Lord of the Rings game.  Since they’ve been developing this skirmish a lot on the side and they aren’t exactly just all about 40k, Kill Team, and AoS, it isn’t that far fetched to think that this might be an additional or new warrior to join the battle of the middle earth.

Could this be a rendition of Gandalf on his robe? It could be, but it’s also possible that Games Workshop might just be throwing us off with this idea.
So place your bets! Who do you think this week’s Rumor Engine is leading us to? Is it for LOTR or 40k? Let us know in the comments section!

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