Rumor Engine: On A "Scale" Of One To Tyranids


Seems like Games Workshop has gotten more clever in dropping hints on Rumor Engine. Their previews for the past weeks seem to show the same pattern as this week’s.  While that doesn’t leave us with sufficient information to be conclusive, it does give our educated guesses more credence.
With that being said, we already have one strong candidate for this week’s Rumor Engine. However, due to the limited “scale” of the situation, we can’t be completely sure either. The most that we could do is to break down our guesses for you and let you decide whether or not we nailed it.
So, without further to do, let’s dive right in!

At first glance, it resembles segmented scales which could be a protective armor of some sort. In the Warhammer lore, this pattern is prominent with the Tyranids.
While the Tyranids showcase the same pattern as this scale-like armor, the design is somewhat different. Could this hint at a new model? or are we getting an upgraded version of the current Tyranid lineup?

It’s fairly easy to draw this one into a Tyranid model because of its pattern. However, let’s not forget that AoS has also been getting a good amount of new releases.
Terrorgheist from the Nighthaunt is a close candidate.

It could also be Warbeetle

While our closest bet for this week’s rumor engine is the Tyranid, it’s also hard to be conclusive as we also don’t have enough info to rule out the other candidates.
What do you think? Any good guesses? Let us know!

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