Rumor Engine: Plates And Armor


Another week comes another round of Rumor Engine from Games Workshop.
This time, we got another stumper from GW. While we aren’t exactly sure what it is, the image somewhat resembles an armored plate because of the rivets/studs in the bit. It looks like either leather folds or steel plates being held together. What makes us a bit reluctant that it is an armor is its unusual shape – how can it even provide actual protection?

While those remain to be a question that we also don’t have an answer yet, another big riddle here is – who is it from?
We could only think of one candidate that might fit the bill in this week’s rumor engine, and it’s… Slaneesh inspired models
The designs are something that we could easily associate with Slaneesh. If there’s a faction that loves fancy patterns and style, it’s them. Those elegant curves are surely something a Slaneesh would be sporting if ever they will be getting a new set of models soon.

Also, the fact that they will be heavily involved in quite a few releases soon make them an even stronger contender for this category.
Unlike other rumor engines which are almost always easy to deduce whether it’s for 40k or AoS, or even getting it right down to the faction, this bit is more difficult. We honestly aren’t sure of what we’re looking at, so if you have any theories or guesses, we’d love to hear it!
Let us know!

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