Rumor Engine: Locked And Loaded!


A brand new week means a new round of rumor engine has come our way!  This week, the image that Games Workshop just dropped is quite difficult to comprehend.

It’s quite hard to be completely certain with what it is, but we got two guesses that somehow makes sense.

  1. Slaneesh’s spiky tail

We haven’t seen any brand new releases for the Slaneesh the past month, if this is pointing towards them, perhaps it could be hinting a new model in the works for Chaos God?

  1. Ammo belt loaded with dakka

With the release of the Orkz’ new codex in the past months, it is highly likely that this image is hinting an additional or new model for the race, and simply because no other factions does dakka better!
Until we get a confirmation from Games Workshop, we really can’t say what image really is and to whom is it pointing us to.  Got your own guesses? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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