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A Preview Of Psychic Awakening: Engine War

If you are a fan of Warhammer 40,000 then you know about the Psychic Awakening campaigns. Pretty much every army is getting new rules and progression in their lore. New rivalries are being created or reignited (looking at you Blood Angels vs Tyranids). So far we still have Engine

More Games Workshop re-openings are THIS close to happening!

We are finally there! There are more Games Workshop re-openings being announced! GW just gave an update their online stores in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Italy and New Zealand. Those countries were waiting on re-opening news due to Covid-19, but a plan has now been made! Finally, tomorrow —

Dream Team of Quarantine

Let’s have fun! In today’s article I thought we could have a bit of fun! We’re going to assemble the 40k Dream Team of Quarantine (it kind of rhymes… I like it!). Within the 23 years the Black Library has existed, they’ve had so many interesting characters that I

The Games Workshop Online Store is Back!!!

What? The web store is back?! It’s the 1st of May and the web store is back! After a month of being closed, the Games Workshop online store is re-opening. A lot of people around the world are happy they can now order their Nuln Oil or their Chaos

Coronavirus Social Distancing: How to Keep Playing Warhammer 40k

How to keep gaming but do so in a way that is safe, smart, and can help prevent the spread of disease.

The Greater Good – Riptide Tau vs Tank Ace Astra Militarum – Battle Report

In today’s Warhammer Battle Report The Psychic Awakening has spread to T’au Empire. But the Astra Militarum must fight to stop them at all costs! On tonight’s episode of Nights At The Game Table, We’ve got Dakota’s durable T’au vs Josiah’s deepstriking Astra Militarum. Will the T’au claim another

Nick Nanavati Vs Jack Harpster Iron Hands vs Eldar (Post-Chapter Approved)

Hey everyone, tomorrow December 4th at 12pm EST (noon) I’ll be live streaming a game with my Pro Tabletop Championship list against Jack Harpster and his new Seer Council based Eldar army with the new Chapter Approved points! My list was submitted a month ago for the Protabletop tournament

Nick Nanavati vs Jim Stanley New Chaos vs Aeldari Live Stream

Hey guys, this Wednesday at 3pm EST I’ll be live streaming a game with the new Psychic Awakening Chaos rules against Jim Stanley who will be piloting a Psychic Awakening Eldar Army! Jim is actually using Colin Sherman’s (from Best in Faction podcast) GT winning Eldar list, so this

Aeldari vs Imperial Fists Live Stream

Hey everyone this Thursday at 2pm EST Nick Nanavati will be live streaming a game with new Aeldari from Psychic Awakening vs Brad Nichols and his Imperial Fists! The stream will be for Nights PRO members only so become a member and don’t miss it! Here are the

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