Nick Nanavati Vs Jack Harpster Iron Hands vs Eldar (Post-Chapter Approved)


Hey everyone, tomorrow December 4th at 12pm EST (noon) I’ll be live streaming a game with my Pro Tabletop Championship list against Jack Harpster and his new Seer Council based Eldar army with the new Chapter Approved points! My list was submitted a month ago for the Protabletop tournament before Chapter Approved was released, so I’ll be using the old point values, but my list only went down by 10 points, so that’s simply just a handicap, while Jack’s went up quite a notch in power! This should be a really great game to see what new Eldar can do vs the menacing Marines after their buffs in both psychic awakening and Chapter Approved!

To catch the stream live or on rerun, along with hundreds of hours of premium competitive 40k content check out

On another note, this Friday-Sunday I’ll be at the PTT championship playing my list against some of the best players in the world, ad competing for the chance to win $5,000 in cash! To follow along with that action check out their stream

Finally, here are the lists jack and I will be using tomorrow, and my list for this weekend!


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