The Games Workshop Online Store is Back!!!


What? The web store is back?!

It’s the 1st of May and the web store is back! After a month of being closed, the Games Workshop online store is re-opening. A lot of people around the world are happy they can now order their Nuln Oil or their Chaos Black primer undercoat.

Thank you for these amazing photos GW Community. A smiling Space Marine?

Which stores are back?

Not all brick and mortar stores are opening and not all warehouses are either. The online store is back in a lot of countries but some of us around the world will have to be patient a little bit longer. If you live in Canada (like yours truly), the U.S.A, Italy, Australia or New Zealand, you still have a bit longer to wait. If you live in the following countries, I have good news — the web store is back baby!!! (To be read in an Austin Power’s voice, otherwise it’s a bit weird…)

Rest of the World


The re-opening of the online store will be great news for a lot of eager people. Games Workshop has made sure to put systems in place to control the high demand, such as implementing a queue system. They even went as far as to create a video for those waiting in the queue line. Great job GW!

How does it work?

Most importantly, the system will remember your place in line. When you’re in the web store you can take all the time you need, as long as you stay active. If you’re inactive, you’ll be kicked out. Now is not the time for you to watch the beautiful, masterful and loved by all fan’s Ultramarine movie (this is sarcasm, in case it’s not clear enough).


GW has placed limits on some of their products. This is to make sure that all you hoarding dragons don’t take your Agrax Earthshade’s folly overboard. There is a limit of 3 per order for paints, spray paint, super & plastic glue and the new box of Prophecy of the Wolf. If the items still go out of stock, the ”email me when available” button will be available like usual. Though it might take more time to restock, like we explained in our last article:

What of me?

For the other people that can’t order now, don’t fret. There will be stock reserved for the countries not re-opening stores, ready for when things open again. Don’t worry about your duel between Ragnar and Ghazghkull, it will happen!


Shipping will also be different. Slower for sure, so be patient. No ship-to-store option available as of now. The free shipping threshold has been lowered by 50% — so that makes it easier to grab just what you need. The warehouses have policies in place to keep everyone safe. They need you to be patient. Just keep doing your hobby as much as you can and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.


For the fans living in parts of the world with access to the online store: THE GAME WORKSHOP ONLINE STORE IS BACK UP AND RUNNING! I’m really happy for you guys! The rest of us will have to wait and look at your progress on our Facebook pages. We love when our community submits photos and shows us their workbenches! Now is the time to hobby! What are you working on? What are you looking forward to the most? Which is THE paint you use the most? Let us know.

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Thank you to Games Workshop for all the pictures we use. It’s thanks to them that we have such a nice hobby.

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