BIG NEWS From Games Workshop


Games Workshop has big news for us today! Bigger than the Warhammer Risk Announcement. The announcement came this morning. Like we told you last week, they were planning on reopening soon. The soon seems to be a lot closer than we thought!

BIG NEWS FROM Games Workshop


Here’s the big news from Games Workshop: Depending on where you are in the world, they will be able to ship some pending orders already made with them AND they will restock some of the newly open stores really soon. When?

Is it soon?

The opening of warehouses starts TODAY!!! Yes, you read that right. Starting today, they will start processing the orders they have already received and begin shipping them out. Keep in mind, pick-up in store is still not an available option. The shipping status of your order will depend on which of the warehouses around the world open first. So keep an eye on your orders, such as the Made-to-Order models. They are coming your way soon!


Things will be different in a lot of ways. The website itself will not be able to take any new orders for the usual stuff. There will be no new releases as of right now, they’re not at that point yet. They are doing a gradual reopening of services. It is starting with some stores and some warehouses. The priority with these re-openings is the safety of the employees AND the hobbyists. I can hear you from here, ”When? When can I get my favorite paint? My favorite brushes?”


Most importantly, they announced that the web store will be able to process orders again starting on Friday, the 1st of May. So, it’s gradual, but it’s still moving pretty fast! They want to make people happy, safe and be able to stock all their hobby essentials.

Shipping and stocking

The free shipping conditions are being cut by 50% to help people stock up without having to spend the usual amount to qualify for free shipping. This is awesome news since in store pick-up WILL NOT be an option. Again, the idea is to keep people safe AND to get you the stuff you need as easily as possible.

Out of stock?

It may take longer than usual for Games Workshop to replenish out of stock products and ship them to you. Patience is a virtue here. Send your prayers to the god of your choosing (maybe not Khorne… he has a way of making things difficult… Tzeentch also could be more of a nuisance with the tempering of fate… and Nurgle is pretty much the reason we are in this…. You know what?! Just don’t talk to the Chaos gods for now okay? Thanks!)

More Big News from Games Workshop – Independent retailer support

More big news from Games Workshop. They just announced a new exclusive model that will be shipped to their independent retailers — free of any charges — to help them make a bit more money when they re-open. Here he is:

BIG NEWS FROM Games Workshop

By the beard of the golden throne… HE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! I don’t own any Cadian or Catachan forces, but this guy is going straight into the pile for sure! My Flesh Tearers will love working next to this awesome dude.


So, we are seeing quite a bit of change in the way things are moving. It seems that change is for the better. Stay safe and go look through our archives of articles and videos. We have something for everyone. With this big news from Games Workshop, what do you plan on ordering first? Did you pre-order the new Terminator Librarian or the new Sister of Battle?

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