Coronavirus Social Distancing: How to Keep Playing Warhammer 40k


Coronavirus Changes how you will play games of 40k

Today we are talking about how to keep playing Warhammer 40k during coronavirus social distancing. The Coronavirus has been spreading and Adepticon has been canceled along with many other major events and venues. As a community that typically plays face to face, we need to talk about ways to keep gaming in a way that is safe, smart, and can help prevent the spread of disease.

Our channel normally focuses on Warhammer 40,000 but, a lot of the following tips can apply to pretty much any game. Whether it is card games, board games, or any other miniature wargame. Even if you don’t play any tabletop games at all, a lot of these principles will help you nonetheless. Remember, we can beat coronavirus if we work together.

It is worth mentioning that the most recommended course of action is to stay at home and reduce your exposure. Instead of heading outside you could always paint and assemble miniatures in the safety of your home. However, if you really want to get a game in here are some steps you can take to minimize your risk of catching and spreading Coronavirus.

The Golden Rule When dealing With Coronavirus

First, the best way to stop the spread of the coronavirus or any infectious disease is to stay home if you think you have it. This should go without saying, but it does need reiterating. If you have any symptoms of the coronavirus, please stay home. In fact, if you have any symptoms of any kind of illness, you should stay home and avoid contact with other people. Remember, it’s better to self-isolate than to spread disease.

Social Distancing

coronavirus and crowds
If an area looks as crowded as this… just walk away.

Everyone should avoid very crowded venues, especially areas with poor ventilation. For example, if there’s a small enclosed room with lots of people in it, stay away. This can increase your risk of catching the coronavirus. Viruses are much more likely to spread in enclosed spaces, so while gaming indoors open some windows and get some airflow.

Another helpful tip to help avoid catching the coronavirus is to game in a more isolated setting. Also try playing with people that you know and arent showing symptoms. Playing in a more private setting can reduce exposure to outside factors, such as an overeager kid grabbing your miniatures. Additionally, If somebody appears to have symptoms, you shouldn’t play a game with them and suggest you politely decline a game and move on. So, if you’re sequestered with family or roommates and know they aren’t sick, now might be a good time to teach them how to play.

Another point worth mentioning is distancing yourself from other players, even ones that seem healthy. I know lots of us need to go to our opponent’s side of the table sometimes to move miniatures. If you need be on their side of the table for one thing or another, politely ask them to step away so that you can go over there and do what you need to do. While going over to your opponent’s side, try to keep several feet between eachother at all times (6ft). Interestingly, this will feed into our next tip, which is a very important one.

Hygiene and common curtesy

coronavirus alpha, stay the hell away

Don’t touch other people’s stuff.
It’s very common for 40k players who stand on opposite ends of the table to assist each other with moving their miniatures. It is also not wholly uncommon to share dice between players if someone needs to make a quick roll for armor saves or whatever else. Please avoid doing this.

Coronavirus and many other viruses like it will survive longer on nonporous surfaces such as plastic or dice. So, be polite, and don’t touch other people’s miniatures, or dice or gaming components. Be smart, use your own. Coughing and sneezing can spread it several feet into the air, so once again, don’t play with people showing symptoms. If you have symptoms stay home. Remember, if someone coughs or sneezes at the table then nearly everything on it would be contaminated.

Keep Coronavirus at a Distance

Should you need to move a model that’s close to your opponent. Do what I said earlier. Ask them to step away from the table so that you may move your miniatures or do anything else. Maintain a good distance from one another. It also goes without saying that if you want to look at an opponent’s miniature, card, or rulebook. Don’t go grabbing it or putting your face up to it. In times like these, it’s better to admire a well-painted miniature from a distance. As far as rules go, ask your opponent to read you what the card/ rules are.

Also, Be smart and remember to wash your hands and touch your face as little as possible. Now, this applies to anyone, not just gamers. Everybody should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before touching stuff or eating. This will help reduce the transmission of diseases. Keeping some hand sanitizer on you is a solid idea as well.

Now by following these steps, we can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The World is facing a crisis, so we all need to step up and do our part. This doesn’t mean we have to stop gaming altogether. We cannot give in to fear and hysteria. We have to be responsible and make efforts to stop its spread. Together we can beat this thing. The tabletop community is the best in the world. So let’s get it done, and purge this thing.

In Conclusion

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