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The 5 Boros Cards You NEED In Your Deck!

As the war in Ravnica looms over the horizon, planeswalkers everywhere are assembling their forces and mounting their offensive. And when the day of reckoning comes, which troops do you NEED to have on your side? This week, Kevin and Aryeh are taking you through which cards in the

Mana Wars Deck Lists: RWU Teferi, Hero Of Dominaria/Cleansing Nova vs. Selesnya Legion's Landing/Emmara, Soul Of The Accord

Friday Night Magic is upon us once again, and we’re mixing things up a bit here at Nights At The Game Table! Throughout the history of Mana Wars, most of the pitched battles and awesome showdowns have been covered by our commentator team, deck-building expert and tournament player Aryeh

Mana Wars Deck List: Militia Bugler/Trostani Discordant vs. March of the Multitudes/Venerated Loxodon

The Guilds Of Ravnica are at it again this week on Mana Wars, with two brand-new decks going head-to-head in this never-ending quest for control of the fabled city! As always, we’re teaming up with the expert staff at Pat’s Games to give you the latest and greatest decks!

6 Hardest Cards To Build Around In Guilds Of Ravnica

With all of the crazy new cards in the Guilds of Ravnica set, there are a ton of great options you can use as the centerpiece of your deck! However…that’s not ALWAYS the case. Unfortunately, there are several cards in Guilds of Ravnica that can be rather difficult to

Deck Doctors: Tatyova, Benthic Druid (New Video Feature!)

In a brand new segment we’re calling Deck Doctors, Kevin and Aryeh are taking a look at a deck submitted by one of our viewers! Click here to check out the full episode! Ryan writes: “Dear Kevin and Aryeh, I have a deck I built centered around Tatyova, Benthic

Top 5 White Cards In Guilds Of Ravnica!

With the full Guilds Of Ravnica set finally released onto the world, debates are raging as to which cards will be must-haves in your latest deck! So, as always, we’ve paired with the fantastic staff at Pat’s games to break down every single card in the Guilds of Ravnica

Mana Wars: Selesnya Trostani Discordant vs. Boros Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice!

In this week’s episode of Mana Wars, we’ve got Rocky and Bing, two of the expert players over at Pat’s Games, bringing a pair of lethal sealed decks they’ve built out of the all-new set, Guilds of Ravnica! Rocky will be packing a well-balanced Selesnya Deck focused on board

Deck Builder: Selesnya Trostani Discordant

Welcome back to another edition of our sealed Deck Builder series, where some of the expert staff of Pat’s Games take you through building competitive decks in the Sealed format! Today, we have Rocky taking us through the construction of a Selesnya deck (splashing red)! It’s a lethal combination,

Deck Builder: Izzet Book Devourer

Now that Guilds of Ravnica has been released to the world, players everywhere are racing to build the best decks that they can! Thanks to the awesome staff of Pat’s Games, we’re going to be showcasing a variety of new decks built around some of the best cards that this

Deck Builder: Golgari Assassin's Trophy/Hatchery Spider

With Guilds of Ravnica FINALLY dropping tonight, all of us at Nights At The Game Table are ecstastic to see so many fantastic cards entering the game! As always, we’ve paired up with the knowledgeable staff of Pat’s Games to design Guilds of Ravnica decks that fans everywhere will

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