The 5 Boros Cards You NEED In Your Deck!


As the war in Ravnica looms over the horizon, planeswalkers everywhere are assembling their forces and mounting their offensive.
And when the day of reckoning comes, which troops do you NEED to have on your side?
This week, Kevin and Aryeh are taking you through which cards in the Boros set you should pick for your deck, and which you should relegate for more casual play.
Although there are a ton of great options in the set, here are the top 5 which we believe that nearly ANY Boros deck should include!

Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice

Aurelia is a versatile creature card that brings a lot to the table, and it’s basically a must-have in any good Boros deck. Not only is it a 2/5 Flyer, but it also provides the mentor keyword AND buff creature of your choice with both +2/0 and either trample or vigilance. If the timing is right, this could turn a 1/1 red creature into a 4/2 trampling juggernaut in a single turn!

Tajic, Legion’s Edge

As another great support creature, Tajic provides both the mentor ability AND prevents your opponent from using damage-inducing sorceries against your creatures. Combined with haste and its own fairly formidable 3/2 stats, Tajic can run interference for your other creatures while also dealing plenty of damage in his own right. If that wasn’t enough, activating his First Strike ability will allow him to easily fend off your opponent’s attack.

Skyknight Legionnaire

As an old standby prevalent in every previous Ravnica set, the Legionnaire still has plenty to offer a Boros player. It isn’t flashy, but its mix of of flying and haste allows the player to quickly deal damage that the enemy is unlikely to be prepared for!

Truefire Captain

Truefire Captain is a 4/4 Mentor, which allows it to boost all but the toughest Boros cards, wile also providing the exciting benefit of hurting your opponent every time they try to hurt it. So, whether they’re blocking you, or you’re blocking them, Truefire Captain is going to hurt!

Boros Challenger

Boros Challenger is a cheap two-drop that can mentor a variety of creatures in its natural state, BUT can also buff itself and mentor the huge number of 2-power creatures in the Guilds of Ravnica set. It’s a fantastic choice for both dealing damage early in the game, AND beefing up your creatures as you fill up the field (including, most notably, Aurelia, Exemplar Of Justice already mentioned on this list!)
All of these cards offer their own set of benefits, and they’re sure to make any Boros deck you run into a well-rounded fighting force! To see our full breakdown of the Boros cards in the Guilds Of Ravnica set, check out the video below!

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