Deck Builder: Izzet Book Devourer


Now that Guilds of Ravnica has been released to the world, players everywhere are racing to build the best decks that they can!
Thanks to the awesome staff of Pat’s Games, we’re going to be showcasing a variety of new decks built around some of the best cards that this set has to offer!
In today’s episode, Bing will be showing you how to build an Izzit deck (splashing black) focusing on an all new creature, Book Devourer, and two of the fantastic new split cards: Expansion//Explosion and Invert//Invent!

Book Devourer:
Book devourer is a brand-new card that offers several useful abilities that make it a powerful choice for any deck! Not only is it a formidable 4/5 beast with a low specific mana cost (although it requires six mana, only one has to be red), but it also allows players to discard all of their cards and draw a new one any time it deals combat damage. So, not only is it useful for grabbing a new hand if your current one is flooded with basic lands or uselessly expensive cards, but it’s ALSO incredibly helpful for any deck that makes heavy use of the player’s graveyard (which, as we mentioned in our Guilds of Ravnica predictions video, will likely be a staple of strong GOR decks.) So, if you’re looking for something that can not only take on powerful creatures but also offers substantial draw-power, Book Devourer is a must-have!

Expansion/Explosion is one of the new split cards, providing two options for activation at instant speed! Expansion offers the ability to copy any target instant, meaning that it can be a fantastic choice for some quick damage or a fast buff to use as a combat trick. Explosion allows the player to both deal damage and draw cards equal to the amount of non-specific mana that they spend. Thus, players can both copy some of their best instants, or deal damage and draw as many cards as they need…all with a single card! Although they have a relatively high mana cost, the sheet variety of effects and versatility of this card more than makes up for it.

Another of the new split cards offered in this series is invert//invent. Here, we do see a huge amount of versatility due to the difference in mana costs between the two. Invert alows the player to switch the power and toughness of up to two target creatures. This can be incredibly useful for buffing up your own creature if they’re exceptionally tough, or severely weakening your enemy right at the moment of combat! Suddenly, your opponent’s “glass cannon” monserts may be nothing more than glass! In addition, the other half of the car, invent, allows players to immediately bring an instant or sorcery to their hand, allowing them to pull all variety of combat tricks and catch their opponent off guard. Although it’s costly, it may very well be everything you need to pull out your trump card and begin a combo that will lead your deck to victory.
With these cards, not only do you have a powerful creature with immense draw power; you’ve also got ways to hurt the enemy, draw cards, weaken their creatures, and bring your best instants out on the field! And that’s just three cards in addition to everything else this deck has in store!
To see all of the cards we’re putting into this deck, watch the full video below!


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