Deck Builder: Selesnya Trostani Discordant


Welcome back to another edition of our sealed Deck Builder series, where some of the expert staff of Pat’s Games take you through building competitive decks in the Sealed format!
Today, we have Rocky taking us through the construction of a Selesnya deck (splashing red)! It’s a lethal combination, and this deck has a strong combination of removal, token dropping, and creature convoking that will make it a versatile match for nearly any deck!

After opening up his packs and quickly looking through the cards, Rocky’s trained eye tells him right away that he’s got the makings of a solid Selesnya deck. In particular, the three-creature combo of Emmara, Soul of the Accord, Conclave Guildmage, and Trostani Discordant will prove to be a powerful force on the battlefield. Not only do all three allow for the rapid creation of tokens (with Trostani discordant allowing creating two,) but the combination of buffs means that even the basic token will be a 2/2 creature with trample and lifelink, and he can potentially field a 3/3 Knight token with vigilance as well!
Of course, while these creatures and their tokens are formidable in their own right, the real value stems from him using the tokens to activate the new “Convoke” keyword, which allows the play to tap creatures to reduce mana costs.

In this case, Convoke will be essential for quickly bringing out Arboretum Elemental and Siege Wurm, a pair of massive beasts from the new set. Arboretum Elemental’s 7/5 stats and its Hexproof trait make it a force to be reckoned with in a straight fight, and Siege Wurm’s trample ability means that an opponent will always be feeling the pain!
However, for all this destructive ability, this deck also has one key weakness that’s common to Selesnya; a lack of strong removal abilities. To remedy this, Rocky has mad the decision to splash Red in this deck!

With the addition of Lava Coil, Command the Storm, and Response//Resurgence, Rocky will now have the ability to take deal substantial amounts of damage to enemy creatures. In particular, the instant speed of Command the Storm and Response will allow him to hit the enemy right when they need to be at full strength. When combined with the extra combat phase provided by Resurgence, Rocky will have plenty of chances to wipe his opponent’s creatures off the field!
Of course, in order to play red cards…you’re going to need some red mana. Luckily, Rocky has just the solution he needs.

Through the use of the Boros Guildgate land, and the Boros Locket and Urban Utopia permanents, Rocky can be sure to have all the mana he needs without having to sacrifice utility for his two main colors!
With all of these cards in his library, Rocky retains the ability to quickly establish board presence, crush his enemy’s strongest monsters through some rapid-fire removal, and use Convoke to bring his strongest monsters onto the field and finish the opponent off!
To see exactly how this deck comes together, as well as a few other surprises Rocky has up his sleeve, watch the full video below!

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