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Mana Wars Deck Lists: Jund vs. Humans

It’s that awkward time of year in-between Christmas and New Year’s, and there’s no better way to pass the time than with another epic Magic: The Gathering Match! As always, the fantastic staff at Pat’s Games have come through for us! This week, we’ve got Tad and Joel facing off

Mana Wars Deck Lists: Selesnya Legends vs. Golgari Midrange

It’s time for another epic battle on Mana Wars, where we’re once again pairing with the incredible staff at Pat’s Games to give you the latest and greatest decks! This week, we have Aryeh and Sigourney facing off! Aryeh: Selesnya Legends Aryeh’s deck is built heavily around the use

Deck Doctors: Elenda Dusk Rose

The Deck Doctors are back in this week, with Kevin and Pat’s Games staff member Morgan taking a deck built around Elenda, The Dusk Rose under the knife! The Prognosis Michael in South Bend, Indiana, has been struggling with his vampire token deck. Although Elenda can be great for

Mana Wars Deck Lists: Modern Hardened Scales vs. Arclight Phoenix.

It’s another day of magical madness at Nights At The game Table, and we’ve paired with the fantastic staff at Pat’s Games to give you another epic battle! This week, Joel and Tad are facing off with two tricky new decks, and it will take all of their experience

Mana Wars Deck Lists: Izzet Drakes vs. Blue Tempo

Another epic battle is on the docket this week in Mana Wars, with Kevin and his Blue Tempo deck taking on Aryeh and his Izzet Drakes deck! As always, the expert staff of Pat’s Games has helped with the tactics and construction of these decks, and only time will

Deck Doctors: Izzet Erratic Cyclops

This week on Deck Doctors, Aryeh and Kevin are performing surgery on an R/U deck built around Erratic Cyclops. This deck, submitted by community member Ben, is built around the classic tactic of hurting the opponent through the repeated use of instants and sorceries. Erratic Cyclops is a solid

Mana Wars: Jeskai Mythic Lyra Dawnbringer, Rekindling Phoenix, Aurelia Exemplar Of Justice

In the newest episode of Mana Wars, Aryeh is stepping up again this week to take on. To keep things interesting, we’re keeping the contents of his opponent Sigourney’s deck a surprise, and are instead going to solely focus on Aryeh’s deck. Thanks to his deck-building expertise and the

Deck Doctors: Etrata, The Silencer

How many times has it happened to you? You come across this AWESOME card in Magic: The Gathering. One you want to play with. One you want to build a deck around. But, you’re not quite sure how to build a deck off of it… Well, that’s where the

Top 5 Red Cards In Guilds Of Ravnica!

Things are heating up in the city of Ravnica, and there’s no better indicator of that than all the fantastic new Red cards that Wizards has put out as a part of the new Guilds Of Ravnica set. But, with all the different options available, it may seem difficult

Mana Wars Deck Lists: Izzet Arclight Phoenix/Goblin Electromancer vs. Selesnya Resplendent Angel/Lyra Dawnbringer

It’s another week of Friday Night Magic here at Nights At The Game Table, and we’ve got another fantastic pair of decks built by the amazing staff at Pat’s Games! Fresh off his victory against Kevin last week, Aryeh is stepping into the ring again to take on Mana

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