Mana Wars: Selesnya Trostani Discordant vs. Boros Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice!


In this week’s episode of Mana Wars, we’ve got Rocky and Bing, two of the expert players over at Pat’s Games, bringing a pair of lethal sealed decks they’ve built out of the all-new set, Guilds of Ravnica! Rocky will be packing a well-balanced Selesnya Deck focused on board control and creature removal, while Bing is charging into battle with a Boros deck built around buffing your creatures with the Mentor keyword! With both of these great decks in the hands of these awesome players, you can be sure we’ll be in for a hell of a fight!

Rocky: Selesnya Trostani Discordant

Rocky will be using a Selesnya deck he built last week, built around a combination of token creation through cards like Trostani Discordant and Emmara, Soul Of The Accord. These tokens will not only provide a formidable defensive wall in their own right, but can also be used to activate the new Convoke Keyword, reducing the summoning costs for massive monsters such as Arboretum Elemental. when combined with the rapid damage and removal capabilities of cards such as Lava Coil, Bing will be hard-pressed to deal with the sheer variety of approaches Rocky’s deck offers!

This deck, and its construction, was also covered in our Deck Builder series; click here to see a full rundown of the major cards in this crafty deck!

Bing: Boros Aurelia, Exemplar Of Justice

Bing is bringing a sealed deck that has note yet been featured on our Deck Builder series: a Boros deck channeling the power of Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice and Boros Challenger! Both of these cards utilize the mentor ability, which allows a card to buff up its less powerful companies when attacking. In addition, Aurelia’s special ability allows it to add a +2 buff to any creature at the beginning of the combat phase, along with either Trample or Vigilance depending on the target’s color! When combined with the Mentor ability, this means that Aurelia can potentially cause a +3 swing for any weaker monster on the field, turning even the weakest companion into a formidable fighter! Clearly, this deck can easily turn the tide of battle fast, and it may just have the overwhelming speed and force necessary to take down Rocky before he can dig into his bag of tricks. All of these buffs are backed up by Ral, Izzet Viceroy, a powerful planeswalker that allows Bing to quickly search his deck and deal some quick damage to his opponent!

As stated before, this deck has not been covered in our Deck Builder series yet, but be sure to stay tuned for a full rundown in the future!
Will Bing and his Boros deck be able to take down Rocky using a series of fast, powerful attacks, or will Rocky’s Selesnya deck prove too versatile for his opponent to handle? To see how these two decks fare when going head-to-head, check out the full episode below!

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