Top 5 White Cards In Guilds Of Ravnica!


With the full Guilds Of Ravnica set finally released onto the world, debates are raging as to which cards will be must-haves in your latest deck!
So, as always, we’ve paired with the fantastic staff at Pat’s games to break down every single card in the Guilds of Ravnica set, with our deck-building expert Aryeh Wiznitzer taking you through his Picks and Passes for each new color.
Today, we’ll be looking at the white card offerings. And if you’re building a Boros or Selesnya decks, here are our picks for five cards will be a must-have!

Venerated Loxodon

Venerated Loxodon is a powerful 4/4 creature that utilizes the new convoke ability, meaning that it can be summoned very cheaply if you have a lot of creatures on the field. In addition, this card also buffs each creature that convokes it, allowing it to get on the field fast and make sure that even your smallest monsters get a little bit stronger out of the deal!

Dawn Of Hope:

Dawn of Hope is a versatile enchantment that allows the player to boost their draw power whenever they gain life, as well as allowing for a steady stream of soldier tokens with lifelink. And, of course, each of these lifelink creatures can power Dawn of Hope’s draw ability, meaning that you can quickly fill your hand with your deck’s best cards!

Convlave Tribunal

Conclave Tribunal is a fantastic way to get rid of your opponent’s trump card. With the convoke ability meaning that the player needs only a single white mana to cast, it’s a low-cost way to ensure that you can fend off your opponent’s strongest card as you rally your own forces on the field!

Skyline Scout

Skyline Scout is another cheap, fast card that allow the player to hit the opponent quickly. Plus, through its special ability, it can acquire the flying trait and circumvent some of the opponent’s defenses. As an early-game card, it’s a great way to start chipping away at the enemy’s life before they can get their strongest creatures out on the field.

Healer’s Hawk

What’s not to love about Healer’s Hawk? It’s a flying creature that costs only one mana, and its lifelink ability will keep you in shape while also working extremely well with Dawn of Hope’s ability mentioned above! For its extremely low cost, it can’t hurt to throw a few in your deck to keep your opponent on their toes!
And while those are our top-5 picks for the most versatile white cards in the Guilds Of Ravnica set, there are a TON of other great options as well! To see our picks for the best and worst cards from the rest of the set, watch the video below!

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