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Talons of the Emperor

War of the Spider: Talons of the Emperor

Psychic Awakening 8 War of the Spider has given us rules for the Talons of the Emperor. Talons of the Emperor are Sisters of Silence and Custodes. We can now expand on our War of the Spider: The New Custodes Preview article. They also squeezed in a few changes
New Chaos Knights

Engine War: New Chaos Knights

The New Chaos Knights got Household Traditions like their Imperium enemies. Not quite as many as the Imperium have but free rules are free rules. That now has specific House relics, warlord traits, and stratagems to join Codex Chaos Knights. Choose your own adventure with the new section of

New Tools of War!

Your toolbox and your mind are both about to be blown with these new tools of war! Ever since the first preview of these new Mechanicus units — meant to come out with the new Psychic Awakening — I’ve been thinking of starting an army. Today we are going

Warhammer 40k New Release: Psychic Awakening, Horus Heresy & More!

In today’s article, we are going to go cover all the Warhammer 40k New Release information that was previewed by GW this morning in their live twitch reveal. We are in for a long one today so settle yourself on a comfortable chair and fasten your seatbelt because there
warhammer 40k preview

New Warhammer 40k Preview Released from Games Workshop v.2!

Here it is! The second Warhammer 40k preview comes directly from GW. For the people that don’t know: in all this pandemic that is happening around the world Adepticon had to be canceled! Games Workshop, instead of just shutting down the announcements that were planned for that event, decided
New Faction

This is the first Online Warhammer 40k preview from Games Workshop

We at Nights just finished watching the new preview and reveals from Games Workshop Online and Its a good one! So, The Corona Virus may have shut down Adepticon and any juicy reveal that would have been previewed. However, Games Workshop still came through with a host of new
Orks New

Warhammer 40k Orks Tactics | Beginner's Guide & New Rules!

Orks just got brand new rules from the new Psychic Awakening book, “Saga of the Beast” and we are going to break down all the new information and tactics for you! We will talk about all the new subkultures, stratagems and shiny gubbins in the new book! Orks New

Psychic Awakening New Models: Ghazghkull and Ragnar Revealed.

That’s Right! We have some new models incoming, and they look awesome! Both of these models certainly needed the update, and the results are impressive. Ragnar First up we have Ragnar Blackmane, who is getting upgraded to Primaris. This new model looks awesome and has some great detail. Granted

Everything We Know About Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good – Nights At The Game Table

Well it’s the week of the release of the New Psychic Awakening Book, The Greater Good. We are going to be keeping our eyes peeled for all the new release information and updating you as it’s released. So lets dive into some of the information we have managed to

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