Warhammer 40k New Release: Psychic Awakening, Horus Heresy & More!


In today’s article, we are going to go cover all the Warhammer 40k New Release information that was previewed by GW this morning in their live twitch reveal. We are in for a long one today so settle yourself on a comfortable chair and fasten your seatbelt because there is something for EVERYONE!!!

Warhammer 40k New Releases

warhammer 40k new release

The Psychic Awakening is shaping up to be AMAZING!!! Easily, one of the best Warhammer 40k New Release Items in a long time! More importantly, let’s look at these models. To start with, we have Illuminor Szeras. A Necron character that was previously available as a resin Finecast model for quite some years now, but we see him in this beautiful and epic rendering. We can see that he is extracting the ‘’soul-stuff’’ out of a poor mortal victim.

Let’s say that nobody wants to be that guy! The weird spirit energy being syphoned away from the poor helpless victim is adding a bit of movement to something that could be static and let’s be honest… not that flavourful. He seems ready to go to war and make his enemies pay.

warhammer 40k new release

Talking about his enemies, Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus is put to be the main one to go against that Necron villain/hero (depending on your standing). The first thing that strikes me is the creature she is bringing with her. She uses an alien creature to fight her Xenos foes.

On top of being cute (I know I have difficulties differentiating cute from Warhammer cute because of my time in this hobby), it has a name: Shang. That Lord Inquisitor is best known for her disregard towards morality. She is an experienced fighter willing to fight Xenos using their own equipment. Plus, she has a Power Fist! How cool is that?!

Horus Heresy New Releases

warhammer 40k new release

You may recognize him… or not. That is Saul Tarvitz. THE reason why Horus revealed treachery got him stuck on Istvaan 3 longer than he would have wanted it to. Saul Tarvitz is a loyal Emperor’s Children that mustered and warned the other legions of Istvaan 3 of the impending bombardment. If it wouldn’t have been for him it would have been over in a fiery flash.

He reunited the remaining forces and posed a resistant front to the newly turned Heretic Astartes. In a world where everything got dark and weird really fast, especially for the Emperor’s Children, Saul Tarvitz is the main example of what perfection was for that legion. His main feat of prowess was, besting Lucious the Eternal in a duel.

He is a Horus Heresy model but with that beautiful Broadsword and his sniper strapped in the back, he would make a beautiful addition to you Space Marine or Chaos Space Marine.

Blackstone Fortress New Releases

warhammer 40k new release

For some of you that don’t know, Blackstone Fortress is a dungeon-crawling kind of game that has been released for a while now. It got multiple upgrades and add-ons and gave us the best-looking Chaos Cultists you’ve ever seen. Each edition has a theme. This one is the last stop of your band of heroes.

At the end of your road, you discover that the Blackstone Fortress itself is a sentient and living thing able to defend itself and react to your intrusion. These things are dreadnought size robots made to push you back and punish you for defying its earlier defenses. As some of you know, yes, the little thing caught in the arms of the big one is the basic robots that come in your first set.

So much good stuff

These are like the mommy and daddy that is coming to defend their babies…. Plus, a surprise is waiting for you if you can somehow defeat them… let’s say that what you thought finished… is not done with you! (Blackstone Fortress is a perfect solo experience in these days of confinement.

I highly recommend it if you are having an itch of Warhammer 40K you can’t scratch or if your roommate, kids or significant other doesn’t care for Warhammer. These things will be hours of fun even with just the starter set.)

Show your quarantine mates these new Warhammer 40k New Release items and your excitement is sure to sway them!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar New Release

warhammer 40k new release

Here we have our first look at this new hero in better detail than blurry pics leaked online everywhere. Coming from the realm of Light like her brothers and sisters in arms, the Scinari Cathallar, is a support hero.

The Lumineth purifies themselves in and out of battle of their negative emotions to keep the influence of Chaos away from them and their realm. The Scinari Cathallar role is a very important one. She harnesses the power of these emotions in battle to unleash them on her enemies while helping clear the mind of her allies. That veil is simply amazing, and I bet that a lot of painters are going to have so much fun with such a stunning model.

Warcry New Release

The Allpoint of the Everchosen is seeing newcomers arrive by the shadows and eliminating their enemies with precision, deadly silence and cruelty by harnessing the shadows themselves. We got a first look at 3 beautiful models, but it’s only a handful of the Warband.

Morathi has a plan and she has spies everywhere even in the nest of chaos itself. We’ll have to wait later for a better view at all the Warband and in better detail, but you have a sneak peek right here in this image.  (Warcry is another awesome game that can be played solo or with people that you live with that don’t enjoy Warhammer to the same point you do. Give it a try. It’s AWESOME!)

Sons of Behemat New Release

The Sons of Behemat are the new army of Age of Sigmar and it’s the true first look we have at them… and what a MASSIVE first look it is (See what I did there?). My jaw dropped when I saw them! As a fan of big things and I can’t say I’m disappointed.

40K has its Imperial Knights, Age of Sigmar has its Sons of Behemat. An army of Giants. The existing Giant or Aleguzzler Gargant is still a thing in this army but will be more of a troop and frontline fighter. This is such a GIANT dream of mine that just became true!!! (You knew there was bound to have more than 1 pun in all this, come on!)

Blood Bowl New Release

These are just too funny to pass over… or in a way, they wouldn’t let you pass over them. Blood Bowl is the game of fantasy football in the Warhammer world.

These little Snotlings are the underdog of underdogs. They are not strong or even tough, but they make up for it in numbers and in cuteness (I know… I have a problem with my cuteness radar…). Flinging Mushrooms, making weird faces taunting the opposing team and running with a sock in hand or on the head is only a handful of things they do well.

Games Workshop Exclusive New Releases

These models were supposed to be released at Adepticon. Since that didn’t happen and we all know why GW decided to release these 2 models exclusively for the next 2 weeks. The Librarian in terminator armor is perfect for any Space Marine chapter since there are no specific legion emblems and the Sister of Batlle is made to represent the art that was first released as the digital codex of the Sisters of Batlle in 2013.

I don’t know for you, but the sister is clearly calling to me. She looks epic. She may not be a named character like Saint Celestine, but she is perfect for a champion in a squad or for a cool character in Kill Team. You only have 2 weeks so be quick and order them. (If you take both it should give you free shipping to your door. They are starting the production as soon as they can be allowed to.)

That was a lot! Let us know what is getting you excited in all this and what it sparks in your brain. Me, for my part, I’m dusting off my beast of Chaos and preparing them for the arrival of GARGANTUANT nature! (I had to!)

I hope you’re as excited as I am for all of the Warhammer 40k New Release information we get today! Tell me what you’re most excited for in the comments!

Wait… there’s more!

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As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever! We can’t wait for more Warhammer 40k New Release information!

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