Psychic Awakening New Models: Ghazghkull and Ragnar Revealed.


That’s Right! We have some new models incoming, and they look awesome! Both of these models certainly needed the update, and the results are impressive.


First up we have Ragnar Blackmane, who is getting upgraded to Primaris. This new model looks awesome and has some great detail. Granted we don’t have any rules for him yet, but we can safely expect him to get a beefier profile which is great for a dedicated melee character.

This new model is bursting with character, and would work great in a vehicle with some intercessors! In fact, seeing as everyone’s intercessors have been given the option to upgrade to a veteran squad, and have the option to take thunder hammers. It’s probably safe to assume Space Wolves will get a similar treatment, and Space Wolf Intercessor sergeants with Thunderhammers would be Terrifying ( also, Amazing).


Unsurprisingly, the Ork model to be updated is Ghazghkull, and clearly they put a lot of work into his redesign as they did with Abbadon. He is huge now, looking like he would tower over Roboute Guilliman.

As you can see, he is closer to the size of two Carnifex’s taped together than any Warboss model. This model looks so cool I could honestly buy it just for the sake of painting it ( I don’t own an Ork army, but maybe I should start one). With his new size, I won’t be surprised if he gets even better in melee, with the capability to go toe to toe with anything in the game. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave him a similar treatment to Shadowsun. Allowing him to be put into any Ork detachment regardless of its Klan.

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Also, we would like to give a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images used in our articles, and if you want to see the rad reveal video click here.

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