Engine War: New Chaos Knights


The New Chaos Knights got Household Traditions like their Imperium enemies. Not quite as many as the Imperium have but free rules are free rules. That now has specific House relics, warlord traits, and stratagems to join Codex Chaos Knights. Choose your own adventure with the new section of traits you can add to your household. We previously covered Engine War: New Adeptus Mechanicus and now we take a gander at the new Chaos Knights.

House Come at me 

House Khomentis is an Infernal Household that is happy to play forward.  Using the Household warlord trait you get rare for the Knights Reroll all failed to wound with one weapon, reroll hits with that weapon, and bonus damage on top of it. It is only once per game and only for a ranged weapon. Stack that with Daemonic Power for +1 strength and Damage.  Stack their relic Daemonic Shrike on to a Knight Castigator to enjoy Heavy 16 Strenght 7 AP -3 Damage 4 that reroll all failed to hit and wounds. And they’re no slouch in combat. The Forgeworld updates to Knights a year ago were a bit rough but these Knights are still useful.

New Chaos Knights

Yes, you are going to lose wounds from demonic surge but that’s okay because House Khomentis comes with the trait when half or more of your wounds are lost, your fight with 1 additional attack and +1 to hit.  At mid-tier you better off with the bonus attack and same to hit you would have if you were at the top tier. The 5+++ feel no pain for mortal wounds in the psychic phase is a nice little perk. Any homemade Household could take as their traits. House Komentis, because of their household Bond, a Tempest Warblade would have 10 attacks at mid-tier. Don’t forget Infernal Knights can be Zombie Knights with a get back up stratagem. Or can heal themselves for up to 6 wounds a turn. 

So Far Away

If your opponent thinks to deploy far away from you, an Infernal Houses has the Daemonic Hunger option instead of Daemonic Power.  A Cerastus Class Knight would have a minimum charge treat range of 21”. Quicksilver Throne of Slaanesh would increase that minimum to 22”. You do this at the cost of one of your relics but can be taken by any Knight. The Encircling Hounds Stratagem for House Komentis will allow a squadron of 3 War Dogs to start in reserve and arrive from any board edge. This can be used defensively for your baby Knights when you know you aren’t getting the first turn. Unfortunately, hounds in reserve can’t benefit from their Ambition Demonic Surge. 

Traitoris Lance 

  • Cerastus Knight-Castigator 
  • Knight Despoiler  2x Thermal cannons & Heavy Stubber
  • Knight Despoiler Dread Blade 2x Thermal Cannons & Heavy Stubber
  • War Dogs x3 Thermal spear and Reaper chain-cleaver

Red Corsairs Battalion

  • Master of Executions Mark of Khorne
  • Terminator Sorcerer w/ Combi-bolter & Force sword, Mark of Tzeentch, Warptime,  Death Hex 
  • 3x Chaos Space Marines Mark of Khorne

New Chaos Knights: Iconoclast

Iconoclast Houses were the easy go-to pre Engine War because of the better stratagems they got in their codex. House Herpetrax with 2 bonus wounds can have a zombie knight and with a -1 in melee can be harder to bring down. Vow of Dominance makes it harder still. However, House Herpetrax doesn’t stand out all that much as their Household Bond is easily replicated with the Hellforged Construction Bond and their stratagem is very short-ranged.  

House Lucaris on the hand has a unique bond to add 1 to hit in melee. This Helps mitigate the Weapon Skill penalty for Tyrant Class Knights. If anyone is still taking them, the Lucaris relic is specific to that class because it replaces both twin melta guns. The Serpentstrike has the bonus strength at a 9 but better it lets you roll 2 dice and discard a result even at full range. Poor Necrons and their quantum shielding. 

Choose your own adventure For New Chaos Knights

New chaos Knights

Baby Knights as an option can now fall back and shoot or charge with harrying packs. Don’t waste one of your two bonds on Rapid Offense on baby knights who only have 2 assault weapons to not suffer the penalty to hit for. 1 is the Rad Cleanser which auto hits and the other is the Thermal Spear. Most of the weapons on full-size Knights are heavy as well. A perk of baby knights besides their reduced point cost is their speed. You can make all Knights faster by 1” while using the top row of the damage table. Remember House Komentis? The bonus to attacks and the hit roll can be combined with this for movement on an Iconoclast or Infernal.

Come 9th Edition the New Chaos Knights my change a small bit. To include dropping their Command Point batteries. For now, they are great with Engine War and have many combos still to be made.

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