New Tools of War!


Your toolbox and your mind are both about to be blown with these new tools of war!

New Tools of War!

Ever since the first preview of these new Mechanicus units — meant to come out with the new Psychic Awakening — I’ve been thinking of starting an army. Today we are going to take a look at all the new tools of war that the new Adeptus Mechanicus is getting in Engine war.

New companion!

First, this is THE model that got me to want an army of them. I’m a big fan of cavalry and fantasy universes. This new unit is everything I could wish for. IT BREATHES FIRE!!! So, now that we talked about this new mount that is kind of like a horse… kind of like a dog… kind of like a machine… the only thing it’s not is kind of amazing. IT IS amazing! The Serberys Sulphurhounds breath fire and we are talking about an 8’’ auto-hit, ignore cover, Strength 4 AP-1, 1 damage attack… per mount. That is just what the doctor (or veterinarian) ordered to deal with those pesky Heretics.

Back to the Far West?

Look at this cute face! It kind of reminds me of my dogs’ when I throw a ball to play with it. Breathing fire is not the only thing this unit can do. On top of your breath attacks, you can also use your guns, of course. One of these new guns is the Archeo-revolver. That gun is giving me flashbacks to Clint Eastwood movies. You just know that a Sheriff is going to die at the light of dawn. That new gun may look rustic and old-school but it’s no pushover. The Champion of your units will be able to use this revolver that is 12’’ range, pistol 1, Strength 5, Ap-2, 2 damage. I can already picture my friend Thousand Sons going back to dust on the floor by a shot in the face during close combat!

New Greenskin killer!

Flyers also get new toys in this new release. In their new tools of war, you can see this Flechette Carbine being added to the lot. That is the kind of gun that will leave Termagaunt to be taken off the table with a shovel! (Please don’t try this at home… we work hard on these models. Shovels are a metaphor.) 24’’ range, Assault 5, Strength 3 no AP and 1 damage means a lot of weak gribbly minions’ bodies everywhere on the battlefield. Plus, we can bet that they will move somewhere around 12’’ — thats a lot of ground covered by a harassing unit!

New flamers!

This guy! That’s what I’m in need of when I feel like bringing hot pursuit to my enemies. It’s like a hot buffet of all you can flame! The Phosphor Torch is a flamer with a range of 12’’. Yes, you read that right! Watch out for the Overwatch with those hot pieces of… mechanical engineering. (Come on… you know me better than to think I would go there!) Assault D6, strength 4, AP-1 and damage 1 means again that Ork boyz, Tyranid light infantry, Guardsmen, etc. are all gonna be hurting bad from these guys, due to their quickness to cover the battlefield and ability flame further than usual flamers.

Feets of war?

Also, it seems that the talons of these units are not only cosmetic but are rather fierce weapons in themselves. If you are not a foot person, here is a reason to hate feet even more. Strength 4, Ap-1 and damage 1 means that you can go into combat to finish units off without being afraid of scratching armor.


These are just a sneak peek at some of the new tools of war that are coming to your toolbox or the toolbox of your friends. You can have a better look at some of these units and even more in this article:

Your thoughts?

Also, I would like to know which unit we mention in this article puts little fear in your heart or is making you fall in love? For me, it is clearly the Serberys Sulphurhounds. The face of that creature and the mental image of a full cavalry of these charging ahead is too much for me to ignore. The Phosphor Torch is personally an intimidating thing for me, since I play a lot of melee oriented armies.

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