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Top 5 Harlequin Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

These are your Top 5 Harlequin Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. This isn’t just any tactics randomly pulled form the new codex. No, this top five is from the current number one ranked Harlequin player in the world: Colin Mcdade! But first, a brief intro… The Harlequins are an

Top 3 Salamander Indomitus Tactics

A Salamander Indomitus Box tactics take the contents of the Indomitus box set and additional models to combo with one Chapter of Marines. In this case Salamanders and their Successors. Salamanders finally got their Primaris units with Melta weapons to use with Promethium Cult. So, of course, Total Obliteration
Starter Army Necrons

The Ultimate 40k starter Army, NECRONS!!

Who doesn’t love mindless,  soulless,  undead robots bent on reclaiming their rule over the universe? If you enjoy following the Lore then the Necrons have a rich background. It dates back to the beginning of the 40k universe. Where others bow to their Gods, Necrons destroyed theirs.  Then used

40K Weekend Recovery

What a week we are having! If you are new to the hobby, congratulations you’ve picked an amazing time to join our community of wargamers. If you were already part of this hobby, then you know what I’m talking about! This past weekend has been shocked full of new

This is our take on the 9th Edition Launch Set -Indomitus

Games Workshop has unveiled the new launch set for 9th Edition, Indomitus! Warhammer 40k 9th Edition is just around the corner and this is a huge release for it. Historically, these sets have been aimed towards new players looking to get into the hobby. Usually they have included several
New Custodes Preview

War of The Spider: New Custodes Preview

The New Custodes Preview in War of the Spider was shared on Warhammer Community. Combined with the 9th edition previews and it has to be said “The Boys are back in town.” In our Custodes Tactics article, every unit has just gotten better. Add in the new stratagems and
9th Core Rules


Warhammer 40K NEW EDITION!!!! You read that right! No time to wait, let’s look at all the announcements that we’ve been waiting for. In case you missed our last post titled ”How to prepare for a 40k new edition” just have a look here: https://nightsatthegametable.com/how-to-prepare-for-40k-9th-edition/ New Edition Trailer This

Preparing for Warhammer Preview #4

We are super excited about Warhammer Preview #4 this coming weekend! Before we dive into that, let’s take a look at the past Warhammer previews in preparation. We will be watching live so that we can bring you all the latest news and interpretations. With that said, I think

How to prepare for 40K 9th edition?

This article is all about “40K 9th edition”. In fact, I’m going to share with you the best tricks and tools to prepare yourself with any new edition. Full disclaimer, Games Workshop announced when they launched 8th edition that they are not planning to release new editions after that.

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