40K Weekend Recovery

40K Weekend Recovery

What a week we are having! If you are new to the hobby, congratulations you’ve picked an amazing time to join our community of wargamers. If you were already part of this hobby, then you know what I’m talking about! This past weekend has been shocked full of new models, rules, and lore being announced for everyone to enjoy. Here is a quick rundown of the latest news in our 40k Weekend Recovery.

Indomitus Face-Offs

First things first, last Saturday was the latest Warhammer preview. We saw multiple face-offs between units from the Indomitus launch box and some explanation of their rules. I do have to say that between all the rules being thrown at us, 2 stuck to my mind. The new Primaris bikes having 2 bonus attacks when they charge, on top of their Angel of Death rules, making them go around an easy 6 attacks each. My Flesh Tearers are so ready to wreck some Xenos. The second thing that stuck with me is the amazing ability of the Necron Lord of the box using an ancient artifact erasing you from time itself. THAT sounds badass and ancient evil as hell! 

40K Weekend Recovery Preview

The most important part was the reveal of some of the never seen before complete models. Here is a bunch of them:

40K Weekend Recovery

I had to start with this one. I have a very bittersweet taste in my mouth as I have a déjà vu feeling of Ghost Rider while looking at that menacing Chaplain on bike. The movies were horrible, but this model is simply amazing! Impossible to not bring him especially with the new Primaris bikes being released. I can hear the White Scar and Ravenwing fans singing in joy and dancing in the streets already.

40k Weekend Recovery

We saw an Iron hand named character not that long ago that gave us a preview of what a Primaris Techmarine could look like. Now we get the real deal in this new no-name character that can join any army. 

40k Weekend Recovery

This! Just look at this! What an awesome model to look at. I don’t own Necrons but I’m really itching to paint this guy even if it’s just for a friend. Epic but simple in execution. It brings so much lore to the forefront… If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read a bit of The Great Work and some legends of Mars. 

40k Weekend Recovery

I had to finish this segment with this model. This is the one we knew we were waiting for but didn’t know how much we wanted it. What a great storytelling piece. It brings to 40k what Katakros brought to the Age of Sigmar. A silent, intimidating, take no bullsh… (you know what I mean) character that stands tall above the fighting while making his presence felt. 

Coming soon on Saturday the 11th

We know now the extent of everything coming to preorder next Saturday. Indomitus will be on preorder for 2 weeks so make sure to remember that when you order it. As I’m sure you are as excited as me about this new box, it’s not all. There are a plethora (I rarely find a way to use that word in casual discussions I’m way too happy to use it here…) of other items coming out at the same time. Paint, books, novels, game helpers (open war cards and Chapter Approved), etc. Here is a quick look at these.

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Doubling Down on those extra U’s

Last but not least, there is also the Indomitus box itself:

40k Weekend Recovery

Wow! What a 40k weekend recovery it was and what a couple of weeks to go with anticipation. You can go on our Facebook page and look at our last 9th edition game if you want to have some preview of the new rules. The Top 5 Changes to Core Rules makes the game interesting. Keep working on your forces and get ready for this joyride that is a new edition!

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As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!


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